Why Men Pick the Wrong Women

He is focused on the wrong things.

Competition is usually the first culprit.  These days and age, sex appeal and having the baddest chick is more important than anything.  It’s practically shoved down our throats on social media.  Men talk and give each other kudos for picking out a “baddie.”  Although she may be drop dead gorgeous, she may not complement the man.  Some men need too much clout and get clouded by attraction and style only.

I think that’s how some men wind up becoming cheaters.  They get physical attraction from their lady and mental and emotional stimulation from their side chick and vice versa.  Ladies, this probably explains why the new girl is probably less attractive than you are; he already gets that from you.  Some men fail to realize that it’s a pie and you need all of the pieces.  If one is missing, the pie is no longer whole although the slices can vary in size.

I hate to say it, but just like how women are emotional creatures, men are sexual creatures.  They allow sex, and not just the physical act of it, but everything that has to do with sex, to override what’s important.  They can meet a girl who has absolutely nothing going on for herself, but good sex.  She may be sexy and dress classy, but she has no common sense and then they wonder why they are not happy.  And no, I’m not insinuating that all sexy women don’t have common sense, but everything that makes sense isn’t always common.  Most often, these are the same women who men will take care of like paying their rent, car note and buying them the latest fashions.  Then, when the relationship fails, as they usually do, the man calls her a hoe because that’s all they ever wanted from her and that’s all she ever had to offer.

Men have to know who they are and what they need.  If you’re a romantic, you have to find someone who appreciates you and actually wants romance from you.  Physical and sexual attraction are very important to men, but they have to make sure it is proportionate on the pie along with intelligence, communication, loyalty, respect, self-worth and ambition.  I feel like men need to develop a report card for their dating standards.  You strive for a woman with all A’s, but settle for B’s and C’s in certain categories.  Women compromise too, but that’s the nature of all relationships.  I’m not saying you can’t have high standards, you just need to be more realistic in your approach.

Some men are looking for Jesus’s sister and unfortunately most women, regardless of how wonderful they are, have been scarred in some way or fashion.  Men also tend to expect less blemishes from women than they do themselves.  Men must learn to prioritize their needs, wants and desires.  Like my father once told me, you can’t have it all.  You may get lucky and find your complete equal, but you have to determine what’s most important to you.

Men also need to realize that all women are not for them.  You can’t just walk up to every woman because she’s attractive.  We all know those guys trying to collect as many numbers as they can.  You have to first observe from afar and then approach with caution.  Once you catch her attention, you have to determine if she is independent, internally happy, have her own goals and is moving in a positive direction that is in alignment with yours.  But some men move too fast (as we are all guilty of) and allow their sexual lifestyle to get in the way of getting to know someone.  If you slow down and take your time, you may find that she wasn’t that attractive after all because her heart is cold or she just doesn’t fit your standard requirements.

We would save ourselves a lot of heartache, pain and wasted time if we would just wait for someone to unveil their true selves.  And once they do, don’t make them what you desire them to be, leave them for someone else who may be a better match.









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