Women are Engines, Men are Cars

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As a woman living in a world that is so male dominated, I found myself devaluing women as if our contributions to relationships were not important. It wasn’t until I matured that I realized just how special and empowered women truly are. Due to our gender roles in society, men are typically reared to become bread winners, leaders and protectors of their families. Women are taught to be resourceful, nurturing and supportive. What I have learned is that often times because a dollar amount is not associated with womanly duties (i.e. cooking and cleaning), it seems that men have more value in the relationship. I especially witness this on social media when high-profile couples go through divorce, men complain about wining and dining a lady as if it isn’t deserved or men feel that women are gold-diggers. A woman’s contribution to a relationship is similar to a non-revenue making department in a company. They may not generate a profit, but they save the company money by remaining compliant and avoiding liability claims. They create strategic plans to streamline processes, enforce policies and serve as an advisory for making critical decisions. These soft roles transfer to women by putting others before her own needs, maintaining a budget and by making sure everyone is happy, healthy and has an effective routine. A good woman who executes her roles well will be a wonderful support to her partner because he can focus on his duties without worrying about his home and family dynamic and vice versa. When this relationship paradigm exists, both partners excel because they are constantly striving to make each other happy by doing their part. It is important that a couple positively complements one another like our brains naturally do (e.g. Studies show that many men are left-brained and most women are right-brained). I now understand that it’s not that one is more important than the other, but how well they work together. I came to the conclusion that women are engines and men are cars.

Most mechanically inclined men think engines are super sexy and love to experiment with them similar to men entertaining women! The engine can be described as the computer of the car that controls the electrical components or in my scenario, the woman. The engine is intelligent and automatically does a million things behind the scenes of the car that appear simple but require a lot of effort like cooking a homemade gourmet meal. For example, when we press the button for the sliding door to open, we just see it open like when a man comes home from work and sees lasagna on the stove. They don’t see the other 12 background processes which include turning the motor on, making sure no one is in the way for safety and sending a signal to lock the door when it closes (How Cars Work: The Workings of a Car Explained, 2014). The engine powers the car to start and stop similar to how women allow a man to pursue or get lost. When the woman is happy, the car can move forward, but when something ticks her off she will become stubborn and pump her brakes. At this point one would have to diagnose what the problem is, sometimes they can figure it out and other times they have to consult with her mother, lol. He may see her lights come on the dash alerting that her oil needs to be changed or air added back to her tires. We can call these symbols the emotions of the woman. It is important that each illuminated light is checked out because it could be something as simple as needing a new fuse or as serious as replacing the electrical harness. Sometimes the car throws mixed signals that are interconnected or the result of previous damage. Luckily for car owners they have a thick manual to read which most men wish came with women, but we do have something similar and that’s our open line of communication. Women are social creatures similar to the firing of wires sending signals to tell other parts of the car to function. If a man listens to his woman, he will know exactly what she needs unless she has faulty equipment that misfires. Although the engine can appear to be quite complex and overwhelming, proper maintenance will keep things under control. And we all know car repairs are quite expensive like taking care of a beautiful woman. You see, as long as the ignition is working, the right key will start her engine and she doesn’t need instructions on how to go she just needs a good driver to lead her.

Men are like the body of the car and operate similar to the driver. Like most male species they are colorful and flashy with a sleek look to attract the attention of the opposite sex. However, they must decide what type of engine they want to attract and maintain and ensure their tastes are in alignment with their means because they not only have to afford the car, but also her insurance, her food or gas, home or garage and beautifying products or carwash. Depending upon the body type of the car will determine what size engine he can hold. Unfortunately, a Toyota Prius can’t house the engine of an F-150 truck like a man without a job can’t afford a successful woman. Although it is the engine that makes the car stop and go, it is the car that determines its direction like the leader of the relationship. He must know when to go fast or slow and how much power their engine can withstand. Too much of anything can be a bad thing and not enough can leave the engine feeling empty. He must cuddle his engine from adverse weather and erosion with the protection of his hood. When choosing a car, the man must understand what he is willing to give. A man with a Kia budget should not invest in a Cadillac. This can cause a rift because although he desires her he will think the engine is nagging when she needs something he cannot provide. The car has to develop a working relationship with the engine as this is extremely crucial to their success. If the engine has determined she needs premium gas, the owner must fill her up appropriately or find he needs to replace his catalytic converter. The car must be responsible and make sure their priorities are straight and get a tune-up when needed instead of investing in a new sound system.

A car and engine go hand in hand. Without the engine, the car would be worthless and without the car an engine would be useless.




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