Part 2: The Illustration of White Supremacist Police Officers

Okay, I’m sick of this sh*t. This blog will walk you through a journey of a Black woman who is fed up with trump and those he has brought back to the surface to complete their mission of wreaking havoc on minorities in America.

The Source of my Anger
I have been on the writing edge ever since the Charlottesville terrorists had the opportunity to rally “peacefully” while killing and beating innocent protesters and toting guns in front of our beloved police officers. The news media was sickening as I watched people literally get away with murder while police officers basically turned a blind eye to their criminal activity. We all know if it were the other way around and the BIE “Black Identity Extremists” were rallying to protect their black power statues, claiming to be Black Supremacists, they would have been shot on sight. First of all, they wouldn’t even be allowed to be a group or Christian at that. If a police officer ever saw a n*gga with a gun protesting, and I said n*gga from the perspective of police officers because clearly that’s what we are to them, they wouldn’t have thought twice about shooting them in the face in point blank gun range.

Why Minorities cannot Succeed in America
The racial hypocrisy in this country is at an all-time high and I quite frankly am tired of it. But just like we couldn’t do anything about it 100 years ago or 400 years ago, we are still left handicapped to this day. And why? Because the da*n police force, political leaders and our government in general are corrupt with white supremacists. How can you fight a system that was created to destroy you, run by people who hate you and controlled by people who hinder you? We are utterly defenseless until we come up with better tactics to protect ourselves, control more money in the US and help uplift each other until we ALL (i.e. minorities) obtain cultural wealth.

White Supremacy is Ubiquitous
I no longer care if the idea of white supremacists infiltrating our police force and military is just a theory. Their ignorant acts of racial divide and bigotry proves that theory to be quite true. If I were a hip hop dancer and joined a classical ballet team and over the years that classical ballet team became more hip hop, one would naturally conclude that either I influenced them or they were already hip hop themselves; one of the two. Why this theory is not applied to our criminal police force who prey upon minorities and those in a lower socio-economic class, baffles me. But then again, we all know how the police force was started in the US, if you don’t know, check out my previous blog, Part 1: The Illustration of White Supremacist Police Officers.

Mentally Ill Mass Murderers
Then there’s this absurd idea that every time a white person does what other races do all the time (i.e. hurt and kill each other), they are mentally ill, isolated from white people and considered a lone wolf. Because apparently, white people can do no wrong and it’s just a crazy anomaly when it occurs. Statistics show us that all races are predominantly killed by their own kind. Why “white on white crime” and “white domestic terrorism” aren’t coined terms, further proves my idea that derogatory labels were created to destroy the so-called Black people (and this includes anyone with dark skin because we’re all just a color). The moment one applies a label to a group, it allows them to better identify them, give brainwashing ideas about their agenda and justify our governments self-righteous claims to target and murder them. Like our Black Identifying Extremists. You mean to tell me that the government is more interested in people protesting about their civil rights than learning about the leaders of the weak a** KKK and white supremacy boys club? That notion alone furthers my claim that police forces are just the same as white supremacists like crazy president trump protecting each other. he has proven time and time again that he finds our white nationalists (see how sweet that sounds compared to extremists) more kind than his terrorists and lone wolves.

Hunting to Kill Complex
I’ll tell you one thing though, I’m tired of these white supremacy freaks giving the mentally ill a bad rep in cases of mass murders. To keep it 100, most mentally ill patients have self-inflicted wounds, they don’t go out and cut their enemies wrist, they slice their own with every haunting thought. Don’t you think it’s hard enough already to not feel in control and then also be considered an insane gun toting murderer? I don’t care what none of ya’ll say, these mass murder killers are not mentally ill, they have a hunting complex. What other race of people enjoy hunting innocent prey and become overjoyed with power as they watch their blood spill from their lifeless carcasses? White people. Yes, I f*cking said it! From n*ggas hanging from poplar trees to slain endangered species lying on the ground, they enjoy the thrill of hunting to kill while they smile big for the camera. Click click! They have now found this sport to be more entertaining against their own kind with these mass terrorist murders which are conveniently labeled as “deadliest massacres of modern American history.” Wow, seriously, that’s what you call these domestic acts of terrorism? Look at how easy it was to add the term “modern” to forego all the years you massacred, raped, tarred, feathered and burned thousands of innocent Black people and minorities for sport. But you know what people also don’t notice? The whitewashing of history because whether good or bad, they want to be seen as the most aggressive and powerful race. They will take credit for Paddock’s numbers of slain folks, but will ostracize him as a lone wolf. That type of power alone must be amazing and it’s exactly why we cannot and will not get ahead. Imagine being able to convert corruption into capitalism while others would be oppressed by the same activities. Oh wait, we already do that with marijuana and class levels of drugs.

My Mental Ill Stance
Lastly, this is why my stance on mental illness have changed. The term mentally ill is only valid when pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars or lone wolves, aka white men, go off and murder hundreds of people. That’s about it. The rest of the mentally ill population are put into the same category as homeless people. Even though we have determined that extreme poverty lowers IQ levels, those in that group are not given a slap on the wrist for being mentally ill. They aren’t qualified. They are just black extremists or drug dealers or thugs or black on black killers. If people want to keep it real, we should label racism itself as a mentally ill condition because at this point, that’s exactly what it is. There is no rhyme or reason as to why people behave like spoiled toddlers because everybody does not look or think like them. Too bad those in control will never call out their own flaws. They just give it a pretty scientific name of xenophobia. But if it were black people, they would call it what it is and create a whole new class of racial mental disorders, but I digress.

The Conclusion
So yes, I incorporated several topics here because I don’t want people to miss the connections in separate blogs. But let me give a brief recap:
• It’s okay for White Supremacists to gather peacefully, but minorities will be killed.
• It’s okay to kill people if you don’t have a bad track record. You will never be called a terrorist, you’ll just be a loving country music lover, quiet gambler, millionaire man and no one will ever explain your motives as a hunting complex or that you simply like to kill folks.
• Labels were created to further divide us and allow our militarized police force to get a bullseye view on minorities for target practice.
• You can call out flaws of every other ethnic group, but white people, or else you’ll be labeled a racist. I’m pretty sure that’s what I am to people now.
• Oh and if you’re gun happy, you’re just mentally ill because you know, that’s what mentally ill people do.

Stay Safe ‘Merikkka



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