Trump Loves the Women


Okay, seriously. Why are we always so shocked when a man disrespects a woman, right here in America, the land of the immoral and the home of the free? Women are not respected as equal human beings to men – period. Just say it. Stop trying to justify it and make excuses, it is what it is and how it’s always been.

The woman has always been considered a side piece or a half a rib, half human, weak and subpar compared to men. We are not whole until man has made us complete or so that’s what our society teaches us. Women have been disrespected for centuries and I’m about tired of it. Let’s look at what this woman bashing society has done to our female psyche.

First of all, everything is our fault. From Roman mythology to the mythology of my Nigerian ancestors, woman is the fall of man. Woman is the reason sin was introduced. Woman is the whore. Woman betrays man. Woman opens Pandora’s box. Woman, woman, woman, oh she does nothing good, but mess up, nag and confuse. I’ve come to the conclusion that woman to man is the same struggle as the Black versus White debate. Yes, I said it. I’ll defend it in another blog.

We are weak. That’s what we are taught. We are taught we need protection, security and love from man to survive because you know we can’t provide that for ourselves. We learn about all the male inventions as if women only freed slaves and joined politics. The same way Black children don’t learn enough about Black heroes, is no different than women not learning about other remarkable women throughout history. This is why I believe in separate school systems and non-integration tactics. Everyone should be entitled to learn about themselves first before learning to praise other people. The Black race took it a step further and decided to hate each other for it as well.

Meanwhile, women are physically and literally one of the strongest creatures on planet earth. And not just humans, the entire female species are bosses and help populate this world. Well for now anyway, science will make sure men can have children too, I’m sure of it. Women love to a degree that men simply cannot fathom because they were never taught to. Women are taught to love even if they don’t like it. Men can’t handle that. Women are taught to put others before herself. Women must sacrifice their entire lives for families and children. But they also have to do it with the brains of Mrs. Obama, the body of Halle Berry, the face of Rihanna and the grace of Oprah while maintaining their hair, nails, toes, eyelashes, eyebrows, bikini line and underarms and better make 6-figures too. We are expected to be perfect and are ridiculed for making a mistake. No one ever recognizes all the effort that goes into being a good woman, yet everyone is so quick to bash us. It’s easy to live a trashy life and it is super hard to live like my mother does, with class, trust me; I have to follow in her footsteps.

These comments that Trump was caught saying didn’t even surprise me because I have heard men talk like that around me my entire life. And not because I’m gross too, but just because they don’t care. You know how like I have to be cognizant of what I wear when I leave the house so I don’t incite rape, it’s not a cardinal rule for men to be respectful towards women.

What people don’t realize is this type of mentality is why our rape culture exists. It’s just a woman. She was being a Jezebel. Her clothes were slutty. She was dancing on me. She got drunk, like he wasn’t hammered too. Excuses. Men are always excused for their behavior and are never held to honorable standards, not the way women are crucified anyway.

If Hillary ever said the word d*ck on public television, the world would faint. But for Trump, eh, boys will be boys. Can we please stop this? I am so sick of this hypocrisy. Rape is a joke. Violating a woman is cool to Americans for some reason. We seriously have no class and wonder why everyone hates us. Money can’t buy unconditional love, morality, values or self-worth. We are not rich. Let’s just be honest when our little girls come home crying, yelling, “Mom, how come boys are so mean?!” Just tell her, because we allow them to be honey. Just be real. Because that’s what we do.

And then we wonder why women choose the men they do. They wonder why they are depressed and suffer more from mental illness than men do. We are raised to be weak, yet beautiful zombies who worship men. I feel sorry for my fellow woman and I am dedicating the rest of my life to uplifting us. We wonder why women are anxious, always waiting for someone to love her to the same capacity as she does. Always waiting for a man to do it first so she can do it next. I’m tired of woman being in the shadows of man. We should be equals. We should be respected for our contributions. We should be held in high regards with dignity and grace. Let’s go back to the days when men took their hats off, pulled out chairs, stood until she sat down, kneeled to kiss her hand… Let’s make America great again by loving woman again.




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