True Love

I’m starting to understand what true love really means.  It’s an involuntary act of genuine concern.  When you love someone, you are in love with their entire being.  You care about their feelings, their level of contentment, their state of happiness, their personal well-being, their endeavors, ambitions, goals and desires.  You are attracted to their very essence of life.  You are compassionate towards them and consider them when making decisions.  They have the ability to alter your behaviors because of how much you care about them.  You are influenced by their mood. You honestly try to walk a straight and narrow path because you don’t want to disappoint them.

You admire them. You have the upmost level of respect and patience for them.  You are slow to anger because you would rather love them than be mad at them.  You think twice before you make your next statement because the consequences of your words may not be worth their hurt feelings.  You find yourself thinking about your loved ones more than you do yourself.  Although I do not have children and therefore cannot fathom the emotions a mother has for her own offspring, I can only imagine that she is simply madly in love.

Love is the necessary foundation for families.  You care, deal, manage, support, forgive and forget simply because you love them.  You go out of your way for your loved ones because you involuntarily cannot control the deep rooted passions you have for them.  I am learning that love is chemistry that people share with one another.  Rather by a natural bond or your destiny to be united, the energy of love can be exchanged.  When you can feel someone’s presence and become in sync with their circumstances, you have witnessed the power from the chemical reaction of love.  Irony, coincidences and miracles occur often when you are thinking about each other at the same time to the same degree.  These are all the traits of someone who loves.  This is why my philosophy of love has nothing to do with looks or personalities; you either share that chemistry or you don’t.  Parents either have that bond with their children or they don’t.  Friends either share that connection or they don’t.  Couples either feel that energy or they don’t.  One cannot ignore the chemistry that love creates which explains why someone may not be attracted to an individual but is in love with their physical and mental state.

When you love someone, you fall in love with their flaws, the good and the bad.  If you have had the privilege to love and be loved, consider yourself blessed because the more I understand its true meaning, the more I realize many have not truly loved at all.  Love conquers all.




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