Tribute to my Mother

Today is my Mother’s Birthday and I wanted to do something great for her. Usually I purchase something extremely nice that I wouldn’t even buy for myself, not to make myself look good, but because I genuinely enjoy making her feel special. But the way my finances are set up right now, my budget is too low. Not sure if I should put my finances on blast, but I’m just like everyone else my age who is a middle-class American with an education, career and no children living paycheck to paycheck paying off student loans that were supposed to get me ahead, so what else is new? LOL! Anyway, because I could not purchase my mother a unique gift, I am *dedicating my website to her. She has encouraged my writing for years and I love her for channeling my energy. My mother has always been proud of me even when I fail and loves me even when I don’t deserve it and accepts me even when she disagrees. I love her to the moon and back because I’m thankful to have her in my life. So this is for you Mom! Happy Birthday! *muah* I love you bunches!

Since this is my first entry, l shall gab about my Mom because she’s amazing! I never knew how strong my mother was until she didn’t crumble in situations that would make most people die. I have so much respect for my mother now. It’s funny how you don’t start appreciating your parents until you walk a mile in their shoes and realize how tough life can be. We are all taught life lessons in the most backwards, candid and disjointed way. We’re taught everything we need to know when we’re too young to understand, yet by the time we grow up, we have forgotten how to apply it. My mother always disciplined me and forced me to walk a ridiculous narrow path, but of course I didn’t want to do that. Now when I reach out to her in a panic I pray her words can soothe my soul, so serious! I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to my mom for being such a wonderful mother. She’s a mother to the motherless and has sacrificed her life to help others less fortunate than herself. She’s a great example of what a mother should be and have always made selfless decisions for the benefit of her children and not by her own circumstance regardless of how difficult. It’s hard to imagine that someone could genuinely care about people like my mom. The capacity of her heart is boundless. She has love for everyone, especially her family and God. She’s a warrior, but not like your typical combat fighter, her weapons are made of unconditional love, stern wisdom and a strong backbone. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no teddy bear and will politely check you in the classiest way. She leads by example with ambition and self-motivation always striving for the next level of success. She’s wise yet youthful with beautiful skin and the cutest little smile. She gets tickled by the silliest things and is a pleasure to talk to. She has become my favorite best friend and I’m blessed I get to have her until the end. I love you Mom and am so happy I was blessed to be your daughter. Okay, I’m done being mushy now ♥



with love, your daughter 











*DISCLAIMER: Please note my website dedication to my mother has absolutely nothing to do with the content of my blog nor has she ever influenced me to write my posts (they are my own independent thoughts). Although I will reference her, I beg you to NEVER associate my content with my mother because she is a much better human being than I could ever be. Thank you. #bfryspeaks



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