The Egotistical Phallus

Okay, so I’m tired of the egotistical hypocrisy powered by male dominance. I read several articles trying to explain to women how to reach an orgasm. They kept reiterating that the clitoris functions like a penis and swells and extends like a penis. They stated the clitoris has over 80,000 nerve endings like a penis and the labia is similar in structure to the scrotum, just like a penis. They were trying to convince women that their clitoris was just as powerful as the male penis. My problem with these articles is that without the presence of testosterone, everyone would stay on the genetic path (Müllerian-female or Wolffian-male) to become a female and not a male! This is probably why eggs start with an X-chromosome (female) and their sex cannot be determined for about 4-5 months. So, a woman’s body is not modeled after a man’s body and is more technically accurate the other way around. After all, if that was the case, men would not form breast because they serve no purpose. But they do form breast and simply don’t lactate because they are missing important female hormones. But of course men run the world of science and dominate life itself so sex is tailored with them being the dominate factor. This is probably why millions of women are the only people who take oral birth control which affects their hormones and menstrual cycles and forces their bodies to undergo a myriad of changes to stop ovulation versus simply stopping the production of sperm. And no I’m not a feminist, I’m just a realist.

The second part that frustrates me is that people really feel the need to educate grown women on how to get an orgasm. Perhaps if the anatomy of the phallus was not shoved down our throats since grade school, we might know that our clitoris is our main source of sexual stimulation. But since everything is spun in terms of what pleasures a man, we focus on the vagina for sexual intercourse when less than 10% of women can actually achieve a vaginal orgasm. So ladies, if you have problems reaching an orgasm, it’s probably because some idiotic man is pounding out your vagina like they see in pornos without realizing they need to work in a rhythmic fashion that stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. The location of your clitoris may also dictate which positions help bring you to a euphoric orgasm. You’re welcome.

Speaking of sexual satisfaction, I really am tired of the double standards. Like super tired of them. I read an article about Amber Rose’s SlutWalk and how she forgave both Wiz Khalifa and Kanye for basically labeling her as a dirty slut. Okay, so Amber Rose strips, BUT THEY SLEPT WITH HER and one fathered her child! HELLO! Am I the only person who noticed this?! Where were their moral standards? Why were they not called whores and nasty sluts? If she was so disgusting and you needed 30 showers, then why did you sleep with her in the first place? And yea I love Kanye’s music, but seriously he needs to have several seats. Kim K is no better than the next lead role in a sex tape, like Amber Rose said, they both have done slutty things. So I guess now Kanye needs 60 showers. But really that isn’t even my point. My point is, why is it a crowning ceremony when men screw all the women in the nation and brag about which race has the best vagina while women are forced to remain “clean and pure,” free from sexual experiences? Then men expect to marry a virgin woman although they have slept with half of their college campuses by the age of 20. I guess it’s not important for a woman to marry a wholesome man without sexual impurities because you know, we’re just not that important and clearly standards held against us are not held against them. Got it.

People really need to get off their high horses about male dominance and sex. Sex is just as important to women as it is to men; even some animals have sex for pleasure. And don’t get me wrong, everyone needs to have standards and morale about their sexuality, but stop calling women hoes and sluts for doing the same thing men do. I really don’t understand why male whores are not chastised as much as women are. People kill me getting all holier than thou when it comes to sex. Unmarried women who engage in sexual activities are technically prostitutes according to the Bible. So the only difference between women who sleep with one guy at a time and strippers is – strippers get paid for their vagina and other women do not. And no, I don’t condone stripping nor would I convince women to strip, sell their vagina, lose their religion or go on sexual rampant sprees. I’m just saying please stop negatively labeling sex and holding hypocritical judgments because if you are not a virgin, whether male or female, you are just as slutty as the next sexually active person. That is all.




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