The Daily Show Digs on Kanye West

Here’s the video clip that I am responding to from Trevor Noah about Kanye West.
To say that Black people aren’t brainwashed is an understatement. We are and always have been. We have been brainwashed into believing in a certain religion as well as that we are 3/5ths of a human being. We’ve been brainwashed to believe our history started with slavery and brainwashed to believe we don’t deserve much more than what society has offered us. We have been brainwashed to support others more than our own. You have some elite Black folks and those who are legit crabs in a barrel. We have been brainwashed to further separate ourselves from each other instead of coming together as a people. Whether it’s division by racism, classism or socialism, Blacks have continued to perpetuate separation amongst themselves. 
I agree with Trevor that we don’t have to just vote Democrat or Republican either. I actually grew up in a Republican household as my adopted mother felt like Democrats enabled Black people. I have to learn more about other political parties as I am not that inclined to speak about them.
As far as his music, I have always felt like the statements Kanye says are more watered down than other rappers.  I had this conversation with my husband the other day and Kanye is not a hardcore rapper. He has said that Hennessy, smoking weed and sex are the trifecta – and in most states, all 3 are legal now. Not saying it’s not bad, but I think drugs have ruined what Black culture we have more so than sex. Everyone has sex and he has openly admitted he has a sexual addiction in which I can respect him for showing his vulnerability. But he didn’t speak about the part of the interview with Big Boy where Kanye denounced his own lyrics and spoke about changing them in the future.
Ye likes nice things, I can’t really argue with that point. But he has inspired me to want a luxurious lifestyle and to stop living paycheck to paycheck. He inspires me to become a millionaire. He inspires me to work hard even when people don’t believe in me. Everyone wanted to box him in as a producer, but he went on to become a writer, rapper, fashion designer and an admirable husband and father. He’s been rapping since the  7th grade and has shown me anything is possible especially with support from your family that many Blacks don’t have.
About 88% of Blacks vote Democrat. One of the things that the Democratic party does is promote social welfare. Regardless of race, providing for people who refuse to work and make a better living for themselves enables them to stay in their predicament. Not only that, but in my HR role, I have literally heard people say they make more money from unemployment and welfare than they do working. It’s a sad reality. And it’s hypocritical. A poor college student can’t get aid, but a mother of 5 deserves it as if she didn’t choose to mother that many children without having proper financial support. It has ruined the construct of families for the Black woman and makes us lose sight of being successful. It’s a safety net even though more Whites are on welfare than Blacks, it’s permission to fail in life. Regardless of where you started from in life, you have the option to live the American dream – it is a choice, or at least that’s what I’ve been told when people throw my success in my face coming from foster care and poverty and still being successful. That’s another reason why Ye admires Trump. I don’t think he respects his policies, Trump just showed him that anyone can be President regardless of their background and doing the impossible. Even Kanye could become President one day and that’s what inspires him in my opinion. And for the record, Trump is trash and I don’t care what Kanye says about that. The man is trash – period, but I get his drift.
I do agree with Trevor’s stance about the best chance. Abortion is incredibly important to me so I will look at candidates who are pro-choice and vote that way regardless of what party they belong to and hope for the best, but at least I vote, I guess.
Black people aren’t victims, are you kidding me? We are victims of slavery for one and we are victims of the police force. We are victims of the entire societal and judicial constructs being against us. If that doesn’t make us a victim then I don’t know what does.
And I’m sorry to say this, but Black women probably got it worst from a mental standpoint and are the most vulnerable. Black men are more physically abused and Black women are mentally abused. We have been told we are less beautiful, have ugly skin, have bad hair, aren’t worthy of a great husband, have to stay in relationships to fix grown men and just simply that we don’t deserve the best in life. Most of us have remained subservient to White folks and have adopted their culture and their Eurocentric perspectives. We have never developed a mind and culture of our own and people can hate me for saying that.
But at least he admitted that Kanye’s music is great. The lyrics he spoke upon were a spoof and many people think he was just trolling us with his non-release for Yandhi. Even with stupid words in “Lift Yourself,” Kanye makes the music sound good. We can all admit that the way he sampled the song “Liberty” from the AMNESTY group was great musicianship.
I truly believe that people just hate to hear facts from Kanye West. He is arrogant, boastful and an in-your-face type of person. At times he can be a big contradiction of himself, his words and his music just like every other person who sins every single day. From the interviews I have heard, he has a hard time clearly expressing himself and he lowkey needs me to be his PR person, seriously. But, I respect his personal stances and admire him as a musician first and then as a normal, fallible human being. That is the part that we all forget. Last time I checked, no man was more perfect than Jesus Christ so I’m not sure why we expect Kanye to be this holier than thou person. Of course his platform gives him lead way to be a role model, but it’s up to parents to censor their children’s leaders and influencers.  We cannot deny that Kanye changed the course of hip hop with his debut album and winning the feud over 50 Cent who promoted trap music.



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