Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

1) Be nice. I have learned that being nice gets you so much further in life and conversations. No one wants to talk to a rude, bigoted person. Please note all negative, rude, dirty, hostile and aggressive posts will be removed.

2) Be patient. There is a post circulating social media that says respect the way people think. Let’s be patient understanding other people’s logic and slow to anger.

3) Keep it friendly. More than likely I will have some type of relationship with people who visit my site. Please be nice because you may be responding to my mother, brother, uncle, pastor etc.

4) Remember we are human. None of us are perfect and although many of wish or thinks we are, we are not. I bade you to connect with and educate people beforeyou correct and criticize.

5) Be confidential. Let us respect each other and our privacy.

6) Have fun and learn. As difficult as life can be at times, it can be awesome too. Let’s laugh at ourselves and learn from each other.


BFrySpeaks Disclaimer

Please read my disclaimers before you dive into my posts and take my posts out of context. I want to be as transparent as possible and lessen any confusion my audience may have. I want people to understand that there is just one person behind this website and my intentions are good. As the speaker I realize it is my responsibility to properly deliver my message, but I am not responsible for how my message is perceived.

1) I am a somewhat normal human being just like you. I am not an expert nor have I received any other special training other than a college education and Mother Nature. I am not perfect. Please use advice from my posts at your own risk. I am not responsible for adverse reactions from using my advice or how my advice may affect you. I am not responsible or liable for any content I post or how it may translate into other languages. I am not liable for how you may use my content. I am not responsible for the emotions of others or if someone on my site offends you. The intentions of my blog site are to educate and help people and I am not responsible for how it is perceived. I am not responsible for the comments and images my users will post on my website. Please note that all content posted on my site is the property of BFrySpeaks and cannot be used or duplicated in any other manner without my explicit consent and written permission.

2) My blog is a representation of my own thoughts. BFrySpeaks is not a reflection of my workplace, church home, universities and schooling institutions, clubs, activities, volunteer programs, community involvement, political affairs, religion, family and friends or any other area of my life. My words were created by myself and used for the purposes to inform, educate or simply converse with my followers. I am not responsible for my words being taken out of context. Sometimes I may post content that will never be translated into actions and are simply my thoughts. For example, I may rant about paying taxes, but I still make sure I pay my taxes as well. It should be known that I have a right to represent myself in any manner I choose and am protected under the First Amendment. I have a right to express my thoughts however I like. I am not responsible for how this is translated or perceived by any viewer of my website. I ask that if you have a problem with content I post, you address it directly with me first before making a scene on my website because it will not be tolerated. Please do not disassemble my posts and make false accusations as I will prosecute to the highest degree possible. I am not responsible if any user of BFrySpeaks unfortunately has someone misrepresent or replicate their words or image on my blog site or other third party sites.

3) Some of my posts are racially driven and can be perceived in a negative, hateful, controversial manner. But please understand that is not my intent. My intent is to showcase the truth about being black in America, acknowledge our history and come up with strategic plans to move forward. I am not a racist or xenophobic according to modern day terms by any means. I am simply a woman who cares about black people and that does not mean I hate all other races. I just choose to uplift my race and focus on the problems I witness in my very own community. I am aware that racism and discrimination occurs all over the world and things could be much worse, but that’s not my life, America is. I hope to one day accumulate so much wealth that I am able to impact the world, but right now my pincers are small and I can only bite off what I can chew. I believe black people need to go back to the basics by understanding their history and how it has influenced their life. At some point we must heal and move forward and I intend to be a part of that movement.

4) I am very opinionated about black hair. At the end of the day I am all about the preservation of black hair. I want black women to be collectively known for their thick, coarse, kinky, curly hair and not something we are not. I just look forward to the day where black natural hair outweighs weaves, wigs and relaxers. I just want black women to be happy with their own hair and not feel the need to find beauty and solace in store bought hair. Just because I am an advocate for natural hair does not mean I hate any other way a woman wears her hair. I tolerate all hair types and have a preference for natural hair. It should be known that I am a people lover and love all people regardless of how they adorn themselves.

5) It is not my intentions to misrepresent, copy, plagiarize or use someone else’s work without giving proper credit. I have learned so much in school and life in general that often times it is hard to understand where the source of knowledge came from.   If I ever use someone’s work, I will give credit where credit is due. If you feel that I have used your work without giving proper credit, please contact me directly so we can discuss it like mature adults. I do not read or watch TV so much of my thoughts are organic. My thoughts and ideas are those of my own unless otherwise noted. If I quote something and do not remember the source because I read it from google, I will state that and continue on with my blog. If the original source is identified, I have no problem editing my post to state such. We live in an age of much creativity and ever changing technology. We can’t be sure that no one has ever thought what we have. Hebrews quotes, nothing is new under the sun and I am learning that more each day as I witness awesome parallels in my life. I definitely believe in God as well as ironic coincidences. If my thoughts are largely familiar with someone else’s, that doesn’t mean I stole their content, it just means we think alike and don’t even know it! I am pretty sure I am not the only person in the world with my thoughts. I am not responsible for information I am unaware of.