Racism: The Hidden Agenda

I read people’s post that black people have become lazy, stagnant and don’t fight for their rights like our ancestors once did.  They think we are flakey when it comes to boycotting politics, sports and luxury brands. What else are we going to do? Stop watching sports altogether?  Stop shopping in general? I feel like we should create our own football league and stores, but not enough of us are in it together like we used to be. I personally do not believe there is much more we can do except purge racists from our country.  Our ancestors fought hard because they could not have freedom, peace, education and the luxury to buy whatever they want to. We do so we don’t have to fight for those civil rights any longer. People tend to want what they can’t have. It’s not that we are lazy, it’s just harder to point out racism like it was before.  

Racism is now embedded in everything we do.  We are chastised for standing up for our rights because we are black.  Jobs are not promoting us because we are black. The law is exercised to the nth degree because we are black.  We are stopped and frisked and have 3 strike rules applied because we are black. The drugs we sell have a higher sentence because we are black.  We are deemed ignorant, lazy, ghetto and violent because we are black. Police officers shoot and kills us more frequently because we are black. White people hide their belongings and call the cops on us because we are black.  Neighbors still perform racist acts because we are black. I mean really, how do we combat this? It’s no longer because laws are being carried out to attack us, but individual people who carry out the laws are attacking us. I suggest we just purge them all, especially those that murder and persecute us.  Or maybe every black person needs to become a politician, educator and doctor to change the system which will never happen.

But that’s just the problem.  Racism isn’t obvious anymore. It’s sly, hidden and disguised as something else.  One advantage our ancestors had was knowing who was racist! It wasn’t a secret that an officer was racist after they let their dogs attack you for marching in peace.  It wasn’t hard to tell which teachers were racist when they gave you lower grades than everyone else and punished you more harshly. It wasn’t difficult to tell who was racist when mobs put burning crosses in your front lawn.  They showed their ugly faces when our people were lynched and murdered, smiling from below, happy to have gotten rid of another black sucker. No, it’s not obvious anymore and because it’s not, it’s that much harder to combat. Most people now say we are using the race card when we try to tell about our racist encounters.  

We can’t even be human without being killed.  People have missing tail lights, speed, sell illegal items, get into arguments, fight and murder each other all the time.  But if you’re black, you will lose your life without due justice. So now, they have found legitimate reasons to be racist towards us and kill us for the same thing every other imperfect human gets a slap on the wrist for.  We don’t have to work harder and smarter, we have to be perfect in order to get away from racist behaviors. And even then I know men who have been handcuffed outside of their own homes for being black. They get pulled over for being black.  So even if they were the most perfect human beings, they are still black and in trouble.

People ask me all the time, what am I going to do about it when I blog.  The same thing you do about it. Nothing. Because we can’t fight a system that was designed to kill us.  We would literally have to live in the same community, shop at the same stores, educate each other, medicate each other, counsel each other and literally live our lives together like our ancestors once did.  But we will never come together as one again because we don’t have to. We are no longer in survival mode as a race, it’s come down to every man for themselves. That’s when socialism and classism come into play.  If you have money and moved into a higher tax bracket, you at least can buy your way out of trouble. They aren’t affected by everyday racism. I’m sure they have stories, but they aren’t affected like we are in the lower and middle classes.  This is why Mayweather will still shop at Gucci and Prada because he can.

I think Nick Cannon said it best.  Although I disagree with his logic and think it’s ill, he’s right.  Black men date white women today because they couldn’t before. They shop at white stores because they once could not afford it.  They continue to eat at racist restaurants because they once couldn’t enter the establishment. So whereas our ancestors fought because they couldn’t have it, we succumb to it because we can.  That’s the difference between our current generation and our ancestors. So stop asking me why. I already said let’s move away, but people argue this is our country. I guess they want Trump to make it great again when we got lynched in public.  Not sure what else that statement means as America was never great. It was built on disease, slavery, conquering and bloodshed. There is nothing great about that and nothing we can do about it now except live as perfectly and quiet as possible because we are black.



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