Race Matters!!!

Because it does.  It is the very fabric that has woven humankind together in America.

Regardless of how you feel about race relations and think they disappeared right along with Jim Crow laws, you are wrong.  Race is still a very underrated systematic problem that has been wreaking havoc on minorities in America for centuries.

Did you know that race was first used to separate White people from everyone else as the ultimate race?  And this wasn’t just a Black and White thing; Asians, Hispanics, Mexicans and Jews were lynched right along with Black folks.  Their plight was to create a superior, pure race of White people.  Anyone who was outside of that category was deemed inferior and born to be a slave.

Did you know that physiologists began classifying human beings based on race centuries ago?  Did you know that these racist concepts are still being used today?  The same way species were classified is the same way they began classifying humans and assigning personalities and characteristics to human beings based on race.  It isn’t a coincidence that Black people are associated with criminal behavior and low intelligence, these characteristics were assigned to us based on the color of our skin or our race classification.  The same applied to other minorities or explicitly stated, non-White people because that’s basically what a minority is in American terms.

So when people hop on these online forums foaming at the mouth and screaming, it’s not about race, IT IS ABOUT RACE, ALWAYS HAS BEEN ABOUT RACE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ABOUT RACE UNTIL WE DECIDE THAT RACE WAS STUPID IN THE FIRST PLACE AND SHOULD BE BANNED FROM OUR CENSUS AND ENGLISH VOCABULARY!  No one should be classified by the color of their skin, but from their character and contributions to mankind.  Then we wonder why Black folks hate on each other so much and cannot pay homage to any of their other ethnicities simply because they look too Black or are not Black enough.  I am a Nigerian, British American, not Black.  Quite frankly, my skin tone is actually closer to caramel brown and far from Black.  Check out my other blog regarding this topic.

So the next time someone comes at you in an ignorant manner complaining that race doesn’t matter, share this article with them that was conducted by researchers at Stanford, Harvard and the Census Bureau.  They performed a longitudinal study on Black and White men who grew up in the same neighborhoods, obtained the same family wealth, educated in the same school systems and had similar career paths and yet there is still a huge discrepancy in their salaries.  This study alone debunks theories on class and economic status as they were virtually the same.  The only outlying factor was race!

You can also remind them that Dylan Roof was taken to Burger King so investigators could ensure he complied with the interrogation and Nikolas Cruz was politely handcuffed after knowingly murdering 9 and 17 victims, respectively.  Meanwhile, Stephon Clark was shot on sight TWENTY TIMES for allegedly fitting the description of someone who was breaking car windows in his neighborhood.

Don’t argue with me about race relations in America because Race DOES Matters!











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