Get Out of my Vagina! I’m Pro-Choice!


I will never forget writing a 5-page essay about how inhumane, evil and murderous abortions were. I was a senior in high school and I got an A+ on my essay. Then I grew up and changed my views because I realized life is not always just black and white and some things are not my business.

I live in the second state in our nation where our governors just passed one of the most heinous abortion laws. Basically, a woman cannot seek an abortion due to the gender and race of the unborn or their disabling conditions like Down Syndrome. They are also expected to carry a child to term even if it has been proven the fetus has a life threatening disease. In the event that women must seek an abortion for personal life threatening reasons, her doctor may face a wrongful death lawsuit and get this, the woman must bury her fetus.

Okay. Because this is so ridiculous and I am about to go straight up ham over abortion rights, if you are not Pro-Choice, I think you should probably exit stage left from my blog.

First of all, the governor needs to get out of women’s vaginas. That’s first and foremost. Second of all, I’m sorry, but this is a personal decision that a mother needs to make with the consideration of her partner who contributed their gametes.

People love to complain about abortion and scream murder and protest in front of abortion clinics, but none of those people want to take responsibility of that child’s life when their parents fail them because they didn’t want them. People need to understand that abortion affects the child way more than the parent(s). When a parent does not want their child, they may hate their child, neglect and abuse their child or improperly care for their child which can cause significant personality disorders to that child. Too many children have to live terrible lives because their parents are a far cry from stellar and probably shouldn’t have been permitted to reproduce in the first place. Most adults with psychological problems developed them from their horrible childhoods.

People also need to get over themselves for personal reasons people choose to have abortions. Whether a woman decides to get an abortion from rape, financial reasons, the lack of father presence, mental disorders or because they already have 5 daughters, should be none of our business Governor Pence. If a woman is raped, she should not be forced to carry her child to term. Even though statistics show that less than 1% of abortions are caused by rape, we should not punish those women who are affected. Last time I checked, they didn’t ask to be knocked up by some womanizing idiot who likes to jam his phallus inside women without their consent. I’m sure Governor Pence will tell those women they shouldn’t have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, right? Just terrible!

Finances are huge in families. It’s one of the number one reasons for failed relationships and divorces. It’s not just about having a load of money, it’s about being able to afford your lifestyle. Children are expensive and when people can barely take care of themselves, it’s probably not in their best interest (or the states for that matter) to be financially responsible for an infant. I would much rather a woman abort her unborn zygote or fetus than allow that child to grow up in poverty and miss opportunities in life because their parents could not afford them. Then when these same women apply for government assistance we want to shame them and tell them they are low-life tax suckers who need to get their tubes tied and stop reproducing. Just silly if you ask me.

As far as mental and physical disabilities are concerned, you know, I just don’t think it’s right to force a woman to bring a child to term under those conditions. I am aware that some women look forward to caring for their child regardless of their conditions and kudos to them, but we cannot ignore or condemn women who choose not to. I know people in the social work field so I understand just how expensive it is to provide proper care to a child who requires around the clock care, expensive medications and specialty doctors. Some women don’t like the idea of bringing a child into this world who can never experience a “normal” lifestyle like themselves. They will never be involved in romantic relationships, have a social life, function on their own and enjoy the sheer pleasures of life without being wheelchair bound or needing someone to spoon feed them well into their adulthood. Whereas some people think it’s cruel to abort children with these problems, some people thinks it’s cruel to force someone to live a life like that by having them. The pendulum swings both ways and there are valid arguments for each stance. All the more reason why this should be a woman’s personal choice and not a mandate from her ridiculous state who almost enacted legal discrimination.

Family matters. America likes to think that women and men are independent, superior beings who should be single parents, but in the ideal world, it’s not the best environment for children. Even if you are a millionaire who can provide the most elite resources for your children, it still does not mean a mother can teach a boy how to be a man and a father can teach a girl how to be a woman. Some people prefer to raise their kids in two-parent homes and when they know their sperm donor is the scum of earth, it should be their choice as to whether or not they want to raise their child alone. Of course some people wind up being single parents after healthy relationships end and divorce occurs, but those are totally different circumstances. We have to realize that two incomes will always be better than one in families. It means they have more financial resources and opportunities for their children to experience different things in life.

I know a lot of people who have a plethora of girls who are praying for a boy. Who am I to judge because they want to abort their fifth daughter or sixth son? What about those couples, married or not, who faithfully use contraception and it fails? Are they criminals because they don’t want a kid? Some people never aspired to be parents in the first place and do everything in their power to not reproduce, but apparently not wanting a child is a crime. There’s really not much else to say about these two situations except if people minded their own business, they wouldn’t be an issue. What people do in their personal lives should not affect the state of Indiana.

The crazy thing is if a woman has given Indiana a “good enough reason” to abort her child and after contemplating about it for at least 24 hours or something like that I read, she has to scrounge up money to properly bury her fetus. Now, to a certain extent, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing after I watched videos of hospitals chopping off the fetus’s limbs and heads and stuffing them into jars and plastic bags. However, I think if the state wants these aborted fetuses to be buried then Indiana needs to find a way to pay for them. And even in this example I gave, it’s not about the reason that women wanted an abortion performed, it’s about how healthcare workers choose to deal with aborted fetuses. Kind of like the meat industry. Okay, it may be wrong to slaughter animals, but it has been a practice in our civilization since the beginning of time. But to me it’s not about the animals dying to provide food for humans, it’s the inhumane way factories inflict pain and commit evil acts while putting the animal down. I’m sure it’s unnecessary to slice pig’s throats and watch them shake uncontrollably until they stop breathing, but I digress. It’s the malicious methods not the reason, in my opinion.

The next argument I will introduce to this ridiculous law is religion. People need to keep their religious beliefs out of women’s vagina’s, period, no pun intended. Americans love to quote the Bible’s verses that “a sin is a sin is a sin,” yet love to argue why your sins are worse than their own. Please stop the hypocrisy. According to your Bible, committing murder is the same sin as stealing candy. Just because you sin differently than someone else does not mean you are more holy and sanctified than the next. Are you a better Christian parent because you chose to keep your child, but use their child support to buy yourself personal items? Or because you didn’t abort your child but drop them off at Grandma and Papa’s house every single weekend? I think not. I would love to see the punishments we have in place for mothers who abuse drugs throughout their pregnancy. What do we do to them? What about those mothers who legally smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol throughout their pregnancy? I guess they are better mothers because at least they didn’t abort their child. Get out of here with that dumb mess.

We like fairytale stories. We love to hear about kids who were up for abortion, but got adopted instead and grew up to find the cure to cancer or become the next Oprah Winfrey. Unfortunately, life does not always work that way; clearly there has only been one Oprah and one Obama. I know too many adopted children who hate their adopted parents for adopting them and lying to them about their birth families. It literally rips them apart from the inside out. To be quite frank, I hear about this occurring more than I do happy endings. So although some kids are happy to be adopted, not all are. So adoption isn’t always the best option for a mother contemplating abortion either. Some women don’t want to be forever hated by their own offspring because they chose to put them up for adoption. And for those kids who wind up living terrible lives, I guarantee there are a million children who wish they were never born. There’s a difference between being suicidal and not ever wanting to be here, trust me. They wish they didn’t have to live with their alcoholic mother or father who beats them daily. They wish they didn’t have to deal with living in poverty and going to school looking raggedy with no pencils because their parents can’t afford them. They wish they were never born when their parents cause them to have psychological disorders and they have to be medicated and counseled for the rest of their life. You don’t miss what you never had whether that’s an object or life itself.

I know a few women who have had abortions. I never judged them. It was their decision and as we journeyed through life together, I recognized it was the best decision they made for both themselves as well as for their microscopic cells that just fused inside of them a few weeks ago. This is truly a personal decision that should not be up for debate. There are a million perspectives to consider, but guess what? The only perspective that should matter is that woman who is considering an abortion and not the entire states of Indiana and North Dakota. And trust me, I didn’t write this so that women can start having abortion parties. Statistics suggest that abortions have been decreasing since the 70’s! I also don’t agree that abortion should be used as a form of contraception. But ultimately, I recognize it’s not any of my business what people choose to do with their bodies and sex lives.

Lastly, let’s talk about contraception. I guarantee if men could reproduce, abortion wouldn’t even be an issue. Contraception in general wouldn’t be an issue. Like a fellow blogger wrote before, if men had the babies, contraception would come in the form of bacon and beer and would prevent pregnancy for up to a year in a single dose. There is no way the government would tell men how to deal with their unborn zygotes. Furthermore, if we simply stopped the flow of sperm in men, all of this would go away. Imagine that! But no, our male dominated scientists would rather force women to take a pill at the same time every day or insert some foreign tool inside her uterus which can cause cancer, hemorrhaging and the possibility of sterilizing them just to prevent pregnancy. Not to mention women’s entire mind and body is involved in tricking the body into believing it is already pregnant which creates hormonal imbalances, weight problems due to estrogen levels and emotional issues from their erratic hormones. This is how much we disrespect women because men must have a cum shot when they have sex. It’s stupid and so is this Indiana law. I can’t believe we have the audacity to tell women what to do with their bodies.

Well Indiana, I’ll be happy when you pass a bill to pay for women’s Pap smears, contraception and medical bills for birthing a child (around $6,000 by the way) and then maybe you can have an opinion on what women need to do with their bodies. Furthermore, you need to stop taxing us for buying feminine products before we start letting our blood flow freely. I’m not ashamed of being a woman. Last time I checked the Bible said, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” I don’t recall that verse being written the other way around. Okay, I’m done with my 3-page essay. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.







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