Stop calling their hair nappy!

Once again Black people like to show the world just how easy it is for us to publicly humiliate each other. It seems the broader our platform is to criticize each other, the more viciously we attack. I have no idea why we continue to perpetuate nasty stereotypes and talk about each other like dogs.

I’m not into sports at all so naturally I’m not interested in the Olympics. But of course, the most relevant news always hits the tabloids. I’m just tired of nappy Black hair overshadowing Black women’s success.

I guess what truly pisses me off is that Black hair is not nappy so stop calling it that! That’s the first thing I want to address. I don’t care how tightly wound someone’s hair is to their scalp and it makes what we like to call “beaty beads.” It’s not nappy nor beaty beads, it’s simply called tightly coiled hair that naturally lacks moisture and there’s nothing wrong with it. When someone with curly or coily hair straightens it out, it will automatically revert back to its natural state when moisture or water is applied (or sweat). And yes, it will appear to be frizzy because most unmoisturized coils are frizzy until a moisturizer or glycerin have been applied. This is precisely what happens to Gabby’s edges when she wears her ponytails or any woman who works out and swims. But most Black women wouldn’t know that because for one; they have no idea how their natural hair behaves and two; they refuse to work out because of their hair. #Bloop

Most Black women have been raised to hate their natural hair. Most Black women have no idea what their natural hair looks like. Most Black women have no idea how to care for their natural hair. Most Black women don’t realize the damage this mentality has caused our race.

If you don’t think the mental mindset behind weaves, relaxers and our obsession with everyone’s hair but our own has not caused problems, then explain why the whole world was informed that Baby Blue Ivy, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles have nappy hair.  Then explain the message we deliver to the rest of the world when we praise them in pictures after they got a fresh sew-in that looks nothing like their natural hair. And then explain how dumb we sound when we expect the rest of the world to consider our natural hair a standard of beauty when we don’t even feel that way about ourselves.

This isn’t one of those scenarios where I’m justified in calling my Mama fat and you’re not because she’s not your Mama. This is so much bigger than that because the whole world gets an inside view of how Black people really feel about themselves. How will our hair ever be acceptable in its natural state if we hate it so much? How can we demand justice for military hair styles for Black women and worry about children being told they can’t come to school with dreads or an afro, but get on the internet and make asinine comments about Gold Medalists nappy, uncombed hair? We are so a**backwards and negative towards each other, it truly disgusts me.

We would much rather knock these CHAMPION women off their thrones and make them feel like crap instead of building them up. Wouldn’t a compliment for a nice job done be sufficient? Or how about unified pride? Just imagine if we posted positive comments how it would be perceived by other non-Blacks.

I will be happy when Black people recognize that the reason why White people flourish so much is because they put each other above all others (and other reasons too of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about here). This can be demonstrated in police brutality cases when a Black person arrested by a White officer is more likely to be murdered compared to a White person. I’m not saying that’s okay. I’m just saying we need to adopt that mindset and stop doing the opposite. It’s like deciding not to kill your enemy simply because he is your brother. But we prefer to help our own extinction rates and murk each other just as much as systematic racism.

Black people, regardless of what the world has taught you, it’s not racist to decide you care for your fellow Black man as much as you care about yourself. It’s okay if you offer them an opportunity before someone else; the rest of the world does it too. It’s only natural to deviate towards your own; we just perverted that concept with slavery and racism.

But here’s the kicker though. Let an Olympian Commentator call Gabby and Simone’s hair nappy. All hell would have broken lose and ya’ll would’ve marched up and down Rio until they were buried under the field. But it’s okay for Black women with lace fronts for edges to ridicule their hair because they share the same skin tone?

I do hope that Black people understand that this very type of behavior is precisely why we still have not progressed. How can we ever unite with one another when we continue to divide ourselves via skin tone, hair texture and name brand clothing? We care more about physical features than the quality of the person. This probably explains why Black women continue to reproduce beautiful children with ignorant men. Stop reciting MLK’s I have a dream speech when you still judge your own people by the color of their skin and the texture of their hair, but not the integrity of their character.




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