I was Raped after Age Two #MeToo


I was raped when I was three years old.  I never said a word because I didn’t know I was supposed to or how to say something.  I kept it to myself for almost a decade until I was almost adopted.  But guess what happened when I spoke my truths?  The statutes of limitations in Indiana of 7 years did not allow prosecution to occur.  I have always wondered how these other women have been able to come forward and have justice for their rape events, but not everyone else.  It’s unfair and irritating.  Makes one wonder what is the real difference?

Here’s the thing.  As the #MeToo movement runs rampant, I hope young women are paying attention.  If someone rapes you, molests you or sexually violates you in any way shape or form, I hope you will tell it right away!  This way, you can get real DNA tests and have other unbiased evidence instead of going off memory from 30 years ago.  We must let women know that it’s okay to speak and it’s okay to get people into trouble when they commit heinous crimes against you.  Especially at such tender ages like myself.  But age doesn’t matter.  It hurts to be raped.  Some women become pregnant and get abortions.  Some women become sexual deviants.  Some women cut themselves for sexual pleasure.  Some women become addicted to sex and some women hate men and sex altogether.  It’s a terrible violation that should never be tolerated.

But, on the flip side, we can’t expect to jail people 30 years later for a crime we allowed them to get away with.  Yes, that truth hurts, but it is still the truth.  How would you feel if you stole a million dollars at age 16 and never got caught and 20 years later someone finds out and takes everything you have?  Sure you did wrong.  But can we admit we grow and learn in life and try not to commit the same mistakes?  I just think there’s an injustice there that some women can confront a man 20 years later yet some women can’t 7 years later.  That’s our justice system to blame.  That’s why I never spoke out about anything else that ever happened to me.

Our society allows for rape culture.  We blame women for the way they dress, the liquor they drank, the parties they attended and the people they hung around, but never blame a man for not controlling his nasty little phallus.  Some women don’t tell for the sheer embarrassment of it all.  They are entitled to their feelings, but we must understand the consequences of not telling.  We let them become judges and give light sentences to Brock Turner’s.

We must start speaking up about rape.  IT IS NEVER OKAY AND IT IS NEVER YOUR FAULT, I DON’T CARE WHAT SATAN’S MILITANTS SAY!  You are a beautiful flower and your garden should always be protected even if you don’t protect yourself.  Maybe if we taught little nasty boys to be as modest as women, we wouldn’t continue to have these problems.

I am sick of this crap and I told you my truth.  Go ahead and tell yours EXACTLY AFTER IT HAPPENS!  Don’t be like me and have to bury a hatchet and seek counseling 30 years later for knowing your virginity was never yours.  In GOD’s eyes, it was always mine and always will be.  F*CK horny, nasty men who cannot control themselves.  I curse all of the people who feel they should get away.  But vengeance is not mine, thus saith the LORD.  I gave my cross to HIM as I could no longer bear it.  I hope more women do the same and speak when they have the chance.  Get these sexmongers off the streets.  Thank you for reading.



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