I Support Queen Bey

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Dear Beyoncé, I stand with you and I hope all Black women do for this very one reason. The support of our own in the midst of being politically scrutinized. And I’m not even a huge Beyoncé fan, I just stand behind her because I should. I’m not a fan of idolizing no human being, but when it got to a point where people told her what she should and could not do and started to protest her shows, I had to write a blog because a facebook status simply would not cut it. Beyoncé fans, this is for you.

To be totally honest with everyone, I never thought Beyoncé’s song was racially driven. The first time I heard it, I thought oh wow, she just sent a serious message to her haters. After hearing ‘Formation’ was the new Black anthem from radio and news outlets, I listened to it again. Still, I didn’t think she was standing up for Black people or trying to start a race war. She wrote a song with the help of co-writers and talked about how she felt. Her lyrics were no different than any other rapper who have written songs about police brutality, flaunting how far they have come in celebrity stardom and telling people to ‘eff off. Male rappers can go from rapping about b*tches and h*es to telling their mama they love them. They show off how much money they made from trapping to our young men while helping their kids get an education. They tell our kids to murder each other and always keep a gat and have the audacity to say keep peace in the streets on TV commercials. They scream about police brutality in the same sentence they are talking about selling bricks and no one gets all ridiculous about it. No one gets this angry at men for literally poisoning our entire population with their stupid music, but are mad that Beyoncé put her two fingers in the air and talked about sex with her husband? The fact that men have anything to say at all, especially Black men, has become my problem and they all need to shut up. Once again, they prove to us that they are not here for us. What if we didn’t stand up to police brutality and made them feel dumb for always putting themselves in the position to be murdered by cops? Imagine if Black women turned our backs on our men and switched sides on them, the race would cease to exist, but that’s a whole different story.

What male rapper do you know who hasn’t bragged about how much paper they make? Screwing women on top of money? Who hasn’t made a reference to Black culture? Last time I checked, rappers and hip hop artists weren’t exactly the best role models either. Regardless of how people feel about her, this would not be an issue if a man recently dropped a similar song, period. So, basically we are saying it is okay for men to perform in chains, but not Beyoncé referencing Black Panthers? This is an attack on Black women period. Everything we do is questioned, undermined, over analyzed and refuted. If we wear our natural hair the way it grows from our scalp, our afros are a negative political statement. Even our own men tell us to do something with our nappy hair. If our entertainers rock the stage like Cher and Madonna, they’re whores. If we sell a lot of records and make more dough than some of our male counterparts, we must be part of the Illuminati. If we talk about being cocky, we are shut down while men are claiming to be Kings of the South. I laugh at how ridiculous this has become. So what she capitalized on Black History month? So what she used footage from a New Orleans documentary? I’m sure they got paid in the end of it all. So what she was fly as ever in her video while referencing what happened during Katrina. And then I read that people thought she was insensitive about what happened in Katrina, give me a break. Since when was it a problem to reference a tragedy in a song? People have made movies about 9/11 and trust me people have made a lot of dough from other’s misfortunes. More people are upset about this than Quentin Tarantino’s ridiculously racist movies that I absolutely loathe. What I’m learning is it’s okay for everyone else to be business savvy, creative and mindful of our history, but not a Black woman who is on top of her game right now. Please have several seats.

I have been searching Google for Beyoncé’s response to all this madness and I haven’t found anything. That speaks volumes. I don’t even think she thought it would bring this MUCH conversation. I’m sure becoming the new symbol for all of Black America was not her goal when she made this video. Paying homage to natural hair, her Blue Blue, Black features, New Orleans, Katrina victims and those murdered from police brutality were probably more so her angle. What cracks me up is there are people who actually want to be leaders in our movement and we don’t pay them any attention at all! But we want to crown Beyoncé as our new Black Savior and she didn’t even ask for it, we are so backwards! Do you know how many people wish their blogs, videos and Black accolades got this much response? But I digress to the Super Bowl. Who hasn’t promoted their album and concert in the midst of having a wide audience? Um, duh, that’s called intelligent marketing. If I’m not mistaken, stars are not paid to perform at the Super Bowl, so don’t be mad at her for capitalizing on the event to strut her stuff, push her new song and then salute our Black Panthers. But even then, her costume choice at the Super Bowl was the same attire Michael Jackson made famous. She was just genius by adding a beret to it and a few Black chicks with dope hair and voila, there’s a new agenda. Like Kanye said, “If you can do it better than me then you do it.” But people can’t and won’t and so they will continue to talk crap about it.

So why is Beyoncé getting so much flack? Because she’s a woman and America is telling her to stay in her lane. Rick Ross doesn’t get this response when he talks about that “white girl.” Jeezy never got this response when he rapped about cops in Black neighborhoods. Kendrick didn’t get this response when he talked about breaking into houses to live like rappers do. Perhaps people are upset because Beyoncé appeals to more genres of people and they got a little offended when her song was for her and not everybody else. I’m pretty sure more people at the Super Bowl have heard Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’ compared to Drake’s latest album. But even then, the world loves to attack Black women. If we take pride in our full features, we get blasted that our lips are too big even though other people pay thousands to achieve the same look. When we rock cornrows and French braids, they are scoffed at until Kylie Jenner comes along and makes them pretty and popular. Our curvaceous bodies are made fun of while many women pay money to have wide hips, bubble butts and full breasts. When we have attitudes like every other woman on earth, we are overly aggressive. When we express pride in who we are, we are told to shut up and sit down. It seems that Black women are only acceptable when they appeal to European standards. When Beyoncé is on stage looking like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, she is met with much applause. But when she decides to take a stance and represent a Black woman, she is ostracized. Why is it okay for everyone else who migrates to America to show pride in their heritage? But God forbid a Black person takes pride in their history and they are basically dehumanized. Something is wrong with this picture.

And then the sinking police car. People act like police brutality in America is not out of control. And I’m not even going to speak on statistics of who is killed more often than who, it’s a problem in general that cops were responsible for over 1,000 deaths in 2015. Thanks to social media, we are able to witness the irrationality of some of these senseless deaths that happen far too often. The only people who should be offended by that image are people who commit police brutality; if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. When the car sank, I really thought about Kanye’s crazy self when he said, “George Bush does not like Black people,” because all that water reminded me of those lives that were taken out of negligence. I find it silly that people feel Beyoncé cannot speak about police brutality because she doesn’t act Black enough. And now people are protesting her and her music. I lost a lot of respect for police officers who decided to not provide security for her concerts. Really? So, let me get this straight. The KKK can march up and down my streets right now and you will protect them from a crowd of angry people, but not a woman who made a song about loving her Blackness and disapproving of police killings? That makes a lot of sense considering half of our police force are probably connected with the KKK anyway. So I guess the next time Lynyrd Skynyrd has a tour, America should denounce their public display of the confederate flag, right? Exactly my point.

Truth be told, society made Beyoncé write ‘Formation.’ Every slur we have for her is racially driven. We talk about her skin tone as if it is her fault that her parents procreated and made her the color she is. We talked about her Baby’s hair and questioned her quality of being a good mother. We talked about her being affiliated with the Illuminati as if a Black person can’t be as rich as she is without their influence. We make fun of Jay-Z’s big lips and big nose and ask how it’s possible he got her. We talked about her not showing pride in her African roots and the moment she does it, the whole internet shuts down. Now that Beyoncé has pulled a move rappers tend to do all day every day, people got all up in their feelings when she defended herself. It’s a song people. Just push next and move forward.

Last thing I will preach about is this. Okay, so a lot of people are mad that she didn’t rock her natural hair. As much as I hate weave and wish all Black women would destroy them, I understand that as an entertainer it is hard to maintain your natural hair. I’m not going to condemn her for rocking her blonde weave either. Even I had to ease up in my own blogs to make sure I didn’t make women feel bad for their hair choices. I would rather educate than judge so I had to change my tune and I did. I mean yeah we can give her flack about it, but what does it solve? Nothing. It is just another classic example of Black people showing self-hatred and analyzing how Black someone is not. Just to be quite frank, from what I’ve read, you couldn’t even get into some Black prestigious colleges unless you were light skin. Same with sororities and fraternities. As much as this world divided us, you better believe we continued to further divide ourselves. Europeans don’t care how dark or light skin you are, to them you still a Ni**a. Excuse me, but I’m just being real. Black folks keep that crap up. And I know a few people reading this are like yes they did, that’s how we got house slaves. Wrong. House slaves were often slave masters children after they raped Black slave women. So that’s why they got house privileges. It wasn’t just because they were light skin. Anyway, we are constantly criticizing our Blackness. You didn’t grow up in the hood. You don’t speak ebonics. Your parents aren’t dark enough. Your curls are too loose to be Black. You’re too pretty to be just straight Black. You don’t act like an ignorant fool so you must not be all the way Black. Obama behaves like one of the most sophisticated people of our time and his Blackness is constantly questioned. First by politicians and then by his own people, OUCH! PEOPLE STOP IT!!! We are all in this thing together! Sometimes I wonder if Trump does sends us back to Africa, who would all truly go. People would argue someone else’s Blackness and kick them off the boat, lol.

While people are dissing Beyoncé for considering herself a Creole ‘Bama, I’m in her same boat. I didn’t grow up Black either if that means I was raised like an idiot. My mother made me read the dictionary. I was taught to speak proper English. I was told to speak first when I enter a room. I can get a job. I don’t have kids out of wedlock. I don’t sell dope. I was taught that poverty does not have to be my destiny and I can have the American Dream too. So Black people need to be careful what they consider to be Black traits because it looks like you are perpetuating the evil stereotypes of who we are. Black is not ignorant. Being Black is an honor as we are some of the most resilient people who continue to progress regardless of our past and stolen land. Regardless of how Black you are, be proud of who you are and stop tearing down your own. That is all.



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