In the name of Mike Brown

And then there was Ferguson. There are several elements to this case that I want to discuss in grave details. Ultimately my message will not be like the typical messages I have seen spewed all over social media. Instead it will be a message that includes internal changes and reformations for black people.

Michael Brown should not have died. That is first and foremost. Regardless of what crime he committed or how unruly he may have been towards the cowardly police officer, he did not deserve to have his life taken. Since police brutality became a hot topic this year, it’s no secret that other people have committed worse heinous crimes than Brown yet are still alive to tell their story. That is my main issue with this entire case. Too often we find it justified to use lethal force against black men even if their offenses do not warrant death.

So what do we do about this? Do we go to social media and blogs and simply rant and rave about it? Do we riot and loot our own communities and give black people a worse label? Do we kill one another out of anger? Or do we accept the truth of the predicament we live in and rise above and do better? I think the latter choice is a much better option because clearly history has shown that rioting, marching, looting, killing and violence have not been the answers to black people overcoming racial discrimination. We must accept the truth whether we like it or not! We must accept the fact that we are black people and that most of the world despises the color of our skin regardless of the content of our character-and not just in America; dark skin is hated worldwide. We must realize they don’t want black men to succeed because once they understand their potential, they will be unstoppable. We must understand that our people were still slaves just under 150 years ago and accept that it was okay for the KKK to join forces with policemen and kill our people, destroy our properties and burn crosses in our yards just 50 years ago. We must understand that the black race was prescribed the worst definition ever; dark skin is equated to being unintelligent, unequal and less than ¾’s of a human being. Whether people are passionate about these topics or care to discuss them, the truth prevails and until we accept these facts we will continue to see apparent genocide run its course on our race. We must rise above as one nation with the same idea that we are the underdogs and have to outperform all others. Black people you are the weakest link so said society, but just because they labeled you this way does not mean you have to behave this way. Just because I was labeled a statistic and was told I wasn’t going to amount to anything didn’t mean that was my destiny. Quite frankly, I went on to gain my independence, college education and career. That saying “your past does not have to dictate your future” should speak volumes to black people on several levels. Many of us were born in the land of the free, yet our only true freedom is being part of a classless society. And yes I realize classism exists, but we are not bound to the class we were born into unlike other countries. Be thankful that although your ancestors were slaves you have the opportunity to be the next Obama.

What do we do with these truths? Well, we should act like the awesome human beings God made us and elevate ourselves. You already know that just because you’re black you will serve harsher penalties so why not avoid committing offenses? No different than myself. While in college I got a speeding citation every time I pressed the pedal to the floor. There was no doubt I was pulled over at a higher rate because I drove a red car, but it didn’t help that I was always speeding either. We have to stop putting ourselves in a position to be abused by our prejudice judicial system. A wise woman told me, listen to cops, do what they say, keep your mouth shut and follow the rules. You already know cops and store clerks are going to follow you around the store just because you’re black so don’t steal anything or draw more attention to yourself. You already know that as a black man you are feared and people will lock their doors when you walk by so why not paint your face with a smile and give a friendly nod? You may seem like you’re going over and beyond and out of your way as a black person, but you’re not. You’re simply not allowing the petty situation you exist in to alter your character. At the end of the day being a civilized human being has absolutely nothing to do with your race although our society likes to make us black folks believe we are savages. Being a good person is simply having a positive sense of morale. Stop allowing what we consider black and white behaviors to deter you from being a good person. Being polite, enunciating your words and giving respect are not white behaviors that so many black people rebel against or feel they are selling out. Get rid of this ridiculous mentality. Understand that the nicer you are in life the further you will get along. For the most part I have avoided discrimination because I don’t act black like society has labeled us! I act like a normal human being who lives with the same stereotypes of an angry black woman yet still tries to do my best.   And no I’m not perfect and need to practice what I preach as well, but I’m just the messenger. Although I have not been as discriminated against like many of my black male counterparts, I don’t ignore what is going on in the world against my brothers either. Whether someone believes in global warming or not, does not take away the fact that the climate has changed. I am just as affected by direct and indirect racism by being a part of the black race and trust me I have been a victim in one regard or another. It’s no secret that black skin is the most socially violated on earth.

We must hold our heads up high and realize we are feared for a reason; we are the dominate human beings. According to Gregor Mendel every trait that black people possess are dominate genetic traits (i.e. dark skin, dark hair, thick-kinky-curly hair and broad lips, etc). All other traits are recessive and those of you who ever paid attention in science courses know that two recessive traits will never make a dominate gene, however, I digress. My point is black people must understand their own worth and uplift each other instead of waiting for the world to apologize and accept us for who we are. We are nuggets of gold yet allow people to sell us for the value of a copper penny. We have to accept ourselves and love one another! Stop with the black on black skin tone hate! At the end of the day the majority of black people in America have African, Spanish, European, Indian, Mexican, Cuban and Peruvian traits due to the Atlantic Slave Trade where most of these ethnicities were heavily mixed (Being Black in Latin America-Louis Earl Gates Jr.)! So stop it! If someone is lighter than you it doesn’t mean they are better or prettier, it simply means they have more Anglo-European features! If someone is darker that just means more of their heritage originated from African countries and did not get as mixed. That is it! It has nothing to do with your beauty, intelligence and capabilities. They are physical traits and do not determine your chemistry or makeup! The same with our hair. Your hair is not nappy and I will be so happy when that word dies and goes to hell! You have coarse, thick, curly, coily or zig-zag like, hair. There is nothing wrong with it as it is designed precisely how God intended. If you prefer to rock straight hair, no problem! You can straighten it out without chemicals that can cause alopecia. The same with our dialect. Personally I think our black, ghetto slang is cool, but only in certain environments. Learn to differentiate how you can talk to your homeboys compared to your boss at work. These differences should be taught at home where you learn to speak to your parents with dignity and respect and talk to your friends like your peers. Same with our families. Yes, it’s no secret that the first thing they did was strip away our men, kill of our elders (i.e. cultures and traditions) and plot us against one another. Must we continue this same tradition today?! Is it necessary to continue having poor selections in mates, destroying our families and disrespecting our elders? Or how about the way we dress. Is it necessary to walk around with our pants down our waists and shirts that hang to our knees? Or what about wearing hoodies to work with Dickie pants? Trade that for a collared shirt and khaki pants. And no I’m not saying that all black people dress bad, we just need to know when it is and is not appropriate for us to express our creative selves. I love cleavage as I think boobies are beautiful, but does that mean I can wear my cleavage out to work or church? Absolutely not. I save that for my date nights and environments that are conducive to me dressing in a sexier manner. Same for ladies; brush your hair, put on sweats instead of pajamas and stop walking around with scarves on. Before I went natural I wore relaxers too and wrapped my hair so I know all about it. At the end of the day walking around with a scarf on is a sign of laziness because you don’t want to spend time rewrapping your hair so you opt to walk around like black women were forced to in slavery days when other cultures of women suppressed black beauty. Learn your history people! We will never rise above doing the same ignorant things we have done for centuries!

Educate your children to desire an education and not for the love of money but for the wealth of knowledge and the opportunities an education can afford. If schools refuse to teach proper black history, teach your own children! Give them a sense of pride that they are God’s children and share the same race as the oldest human being found. Let them know they come from a rich history of both educated Kings and Queens as well as oppressed peoples who have always remained resilient because regardless of the current condition of our race WE ARE STILL STANDING! Stop judging and hating each other with the same disregard our police officers show. Build each other up and be a support system. Stop competing against your own brothers and band together and compete with the world as an entire race. I’m tired of being a part of a race who feels helpless, but I will always love my people! Regardless of the ignorant seeds and those who couldn’t care less to succeed (as those exist in every race!) I still love my black people because you are a representation of me! Let’s please take each unfortunate opportunity to stand united. Let us learn from our mistakes and press forward. Let’s stop allowing the world to see us sweat. People can only treat you how you allow them to as my mother always so eloquently said. Stop giving their labels power by believing them. Stop allowing their hatred to affect your mood and morale; smile in the face of adversity. The moment we stop giving racism power will be the moment it dies. It’s almost like a child being bullied. Eventually when they see you have not wavered they will look for another weak soul to boss around. Black people – you are not weak people so please stop letting people make you believe you are just because you’re black.

I honestly could write a book about how I feel, but I am nearing the end of my allotted time I gave myself to write an entry. I will end this on a very healthy note. We cannot ball up this anger and spew it back out raw to the world. It needs to be refined and fuel our motivations. We cannot hate other races of people as they once hated us because we serve a God of love. Nor can we assume that because people behave a certain way that all peoples of that race behave that way; isn’t that how black people are judged now and we don’t like it? We have to understand that not every white person or any other races outside of black are bad or evil people. There are bad and evil people who so happen to be in places of power that affect the course of our country. We have bad politicians, police officers, judges and policy makers who are brewing hatred. We have several defenses against them by doing our part and staying out of their jails. We hate the fact that private prisons are taking over yet we are not concerned with why our people predominantly fill them. And yes, I’m aware that drugs have been planted, officers lie and sometimes life is just unfair, but does that mean we have to help them lock us up by committing stupid, petty crimes? Stop selling drugs and pick up a book until laws change surrounding those drugs. Stop calling her a <expletive> and encourage her to be a better mother. Stop spending your money on weapons and plan a family date. Stop wasting your energy on people who do not care about you. Black people as a race remind of women who have terrible dating histories. They are constantly trying to seek love and approval from people who do not care about them. Ya’ll better listen to Drake’s song-they never loved us! Learn to love yourself and gain nourishment from your family and if you don’t have family reach out to your friends and if you don’t have friends reach out to BFry! I am taking a bold stance because we have to do better! Kill people softly with kindness because they expect us to behave like animals. Shock them by not stooping to their levels and loving them anyway when they spit in your face. Show respect anyway when they handcuff you outside your home because they don’t think you can afford it. Smile and be cordial anyway when they pull you over because you’re too black to drive a nice car. Hold your lady a little tighter when people gawk at you for loving her because she’s not black. Clearly you got the message to love a person’s soul and not the color of their skin. Step over to the sidewalk when asked to get out of the street. Be pleasant anyway when they mock you because we now live in a world where justice can be served, but we can’t give them any reason to cover their lies. We saw this red-handed in Brown’s case, any type of ammunition that would lend to that poor man being considered “bad” was used against him every step of the way. Learn from Brown and don’t intentionally put stains on your record. Don’t allow his death to be in violent shame, instead allow him to be the man that started a black revolution that will not include war. Us black people must take a stand and decide from this point forward we must do better.

I do not say these things to stir hate or make it appear that blacks are more superior than others. I just want black people to have the same sense of pride that other races are able to employ. I want black people to learn a thing or two from other cultures too. Louis Earl Gates Jr. made a very important observation; other races do not enslave each other. We must hold each other to a higher standard that we would not do this to ourselves. The same way you would not steal from your mother is the same mentality we must have for all of our black brothers and sisters. We must get to a point where we don’t shoot each other simply because we are all a part of the black race. We must not sell drugs to each other for the sake of not killing our own people. It’s information like this that makes me appreciate writing about current events in history class. Black people you are not alone. You are not the only race who have been oppressed. There are people who are bombed every day because of the color of their skin and the religion they worship. We cannot fall into this victim role as if there is no way out. We must use our knowledge and join positive forces all over the world to combat this discrimination we have been poisoned with. Honestly, I have more pride just knowing that people meant for me to fail yet I am successful. It makes me so proud to be a part of a race who are trendsetters with so much creativity and compassion. I don’t hate anyone nor am I a racist person. Unlike America, I treat people based off their character. We can’t even treat people how they treat us because some people treat everyone like crap. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We must do better because we are better. If nobody else on earth knows what it feels like to be left out, black people surely do. Bottle these emotions up and generate love and acceptance to all simply because you know what it’s like to be hated. Allow your misfortunes to create compassion in your hearts to love all of mankind even those who are too ignorant to look past your beautiful, brown, sun-kissed skin. For we serve a God of love and he made us in His own image.

My sincerest and deepest condolences go out to Brown’s family; I am deeply saddened for your loss and no words will ever bring back your son. While we write, blog and post selfies they are in pain from the death of their child. While we gather at the table this week for Thanksgiving, their hearts will be heavy, filled with memories from their lost one. Please stop the violence and stop killing each other in the name of Mike Brown. Please turn the other cheek and pick up a book in the name of Mike Brown. Please don’t participate in that drive-by shooting and petty crimes in the name of Mike Brown. Please stop having illegitimate children and multiple families in the name of Mike Brown. I believe that we can do better and I will do everything in my power to help us do better. I think it’s time for me to purchase a megaphone. We haven’t had an MLK in a while and I’m ready. #bfryspeaks #EvangelistFry #blackpower







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