I am not Black and Neither are You!

The problem isn’t race at all.  The problem is that dark skinned folks still refer to themselves as Black people.  All persons of color have been stamped with this derogatory term for hundreds of years now and we have delimited ourselves to a color.  I have come to the conclusion that the moment we find out our true ancestry and get rid of the term Black people, we will be so much better off.

Every time I read a post online, I notice this debate about how black someone is.  If Black folks would stop using colors to describe themselves and the degrees from light to dark to distinguish themselves, this stupid debate would end.  Obama was not the first Black President.  He was the first Irish and Kenyan President!  I hate these color terms of black, white and biracial as if they don’t truly have an origin and anyone of color is just part of a color spectrum.  Imagine if we went by our true ethnicity and related to Obama because we had Kenyan or Irish roots and not just because he appears to be Black or fits the prototype of being biracial.  And yes, even so, it was a victory for dark skinned folks because America has made this victorious when it shouldn’t even be a factor.

I have said it a million times in previous blogs, that nobody reads, that race was nothing more than a measure of who was a slave and who was not.  And yet to this day, we still stoop down to that stupid shit like we aren’t anything more than a color.  Like a Black woman and a Black man appeared from outer space and created Black people.

And stop being naive and admit the struggle of racism is way worse for someone who has a Nigerian father and a Kenyan mother and their complexion is darker.  Sure, we are all doomed because we have more melanin, we remember slavery and Jim Crow, but it’s like a double edged sword if you are any darker than Halle Berry.  You my friend have not experienced the same scrutiny if you float more on the European side as outlined by Americans.  It’s not the same and stop acting like it’s the same.  Everybody want to feel like they are part of the same Black struggle, but like Paul Mooney said, everybody wanna be a n***a, but don’t nobody wanna be a n***a!  Like America has created, there’s levels to this ish!

If I ever won a million dollars, I would order a DNA test for every single American so we can stop calling each other colors like we fell out of a damn crayon box.  Quite frankly, the government should do this so they can get away from EEO racial profiling.  I looked up my ethnicity on Ancestry.com and I am Nigerian and British.  This explains my thin, kinky coils I call my JuFro, my wide nose with a long bridge and my complexion.  After I took that test, I wanted to stop calling myself Black because I’m not, but know that won’t go well because I look Black.  I’m Nigerian, I have a name and it’s not a damn color.  If I have to fit American standards, I too am biracial and most Black folks are unless both of their parents are the same.  Americans mated with more slaves than any other population of slave owners, yet hate us the most, let that sink in.

For all the Black folks out there who swears their long, straight hair comes from Native Americans.  Wrong!  More than likely that came from Europeans who raped our African mothers and created a mixed race so they could say if ya daddy ain’t White, you Black and are a slave.  Even if yo daddy was White and you looked Black, you were still a slave.  I dare you to look up your ancestry and get rid of the terms Black and African American.

You wanna know why White folks don’t refer to themselves as White Americans?  Because they know where the hell they came from and there’s power in that!  it associates you with customs, traditions, beliefs and more importantly land!  By forcing us to call ourselves Black, we are not associated with any land and therefore are not truly a people.  Just a color and the way America is setup, there aren’t laws setup to protect colors.  Just people of dominant European descent.  It’s sad that most dark folks don’t know where they came from, but I think learning this will help us find freedom in a fashion we thought was unattainable.




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