Happy 4 Years JuFro

Yesterday marked the 4 year Hairiversary of my natural hair journey. I must say, I would not trade it for the world. For those of you who don’t know, I cut all my hair off on 9/12/12. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Here are a few tips I have learned along the way:

1.) If you take care of your hair it will grow back. I’ll never forget staring at myself in the mirror questioning myself like why did you just cut all your hair off. Luckily it did grow back just the way it was intended to.  Don’t get discouraged because all hair has different life cycles and you just have to be okay with your growth rate.

2.) Water is my hairs best friend. I don’t care what anyone says, but my hair loves water and I try to seal in as much as possible. I wet my hair every day, apply conditioner and detangle in the shower and you see it is still growing.

3.) Gel is my hairs best friend too. The JuFro loves humectants and glycerin. Gel helps control frizz and defines curls. Again, gel has not broken my hair off.

4.) Forget the leave-in and leave in your conditioner. I have officially figured out my perfect wash-and-go routine. I use Cantu’s deep conditioner and leave it on my hair and apply raw shea butter as a sealant. The JuFro loves it and guess what? The conditioner moisturizes my hair and gives me that wet look we all sought after.

5.) Dry styling on my hair is just a no-no. If I want a frizzy mess of hair, then I’ll try to manipulate my hair while dry. My hair is like wool and must have water to behave.

6.) Speaking of frizz, get over it! When you wear your hair natural, just accept the fact that your hair will not lay down perfectly like it does when it’s fried from creamy crack or after it is blow-dryed and flat ironed. Frizz is inevitable with dry, natural hair.

7.) Flexi-rods are your hairs best friend. Section your hair, apply setting lotion and roll your hair for beautiful, bouncy curls. For best results, try on blow-dryed or ironed hair.

8.) Trims are necessary. I know a trim means getting butchered for some women, but I’m here to tell you, cutting off those straggly ends is the best recipe ever for healthy, strong hair. When my hair is impossible to detangle while wet, I know I need a trim. Trims help my curls coil that much better. Because I wear my hair wet often (most vulnerable state) I get a trim once a quarter or so.

9.) If you can’t do your hair, pay for it. There are a million hair stylists out there who will twist your hair for you. Don’t be one of those naturals who think they can just pop up and do nothing with their hair.

10.) You can wear your natural hair straight too. I know a lot of women simply prefer straight hair and that’s okay! It makes it more manageable to do your hair when it’s straight, just be careful. If you have fine hair like me, then heat will damage your curls. You have to decide if you want to be a curly natural or a straight natural, it’s up to you. I will say this though, my natural straight hair is way fuller and prettier than when I had a relaxer, just my opinion though.

11.) Stop comparing your hair to other women! This is major. Just learn from people, but tailor your own regimen. Experiment with products, but not too much. Find something that works and stick with it.

12.) Beauty takes time. The more you style your hair the more you can create a look based on time. My wash and goes are the easiest for me to do and take about 15 minutes to style. Find your go-to and make sure you have a style for all of your time constraints.

13.) Love yourself. Love your hair. Love your skin. Just love yourself regardless of what you are working with. It is my goal in life to redefine beauty for Black women.

If you find yourself struggling and need help, please send me a comment and I will respond. I am no pro, but I am a hair fanatic. I have come to love my unique hair and I look forward to persuading more women to love their hair too. I’ll be happy when one day natural hair dominates Black hair, hey, a woman can dream. I don’t care what style you prefer to wear your hair, just take care of your crown.




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