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God truly does work in mysterious ways.  People have always told me I should model and I’ve always wanted to be one.  After speaking to my mother about my desires, she introduced me to her hairstylist, Constance Foster.  She creates her own products and was looking for a blogger.  We made a connection kind of how Kanye’s mom did with him and No I.D.

We had our first trial run on 08/27/16.  She washed my hair with her own product and it was super manageable.  Afterwards she was able to brush through my hair with a paddle brush!  Unheard of after a wash, right?!

|Video 1

|Video 2

Once my hair was clean, she applied her product and twisted my hair in her own unique way.  My hair resembled mini dreadlocks and it was beautiful.

|Video 3

My hair was a bit frizzy at the ends and I thought it meant my hair was unhealthy, but Constance said that is not always true. Some of our hair is dryer than others and expands to get moisture out of the atmosphere.  It’s okay to have frizzy and fuzzy hair.  And it’s important to keep trims.  <Check out some new pictures of my two strand twist out with her product at the bottom of this page, Picture 6>

|Picture 4

I will admit I have a hard time liking styles that make my hair look frizzy.  But like my mom told me, we have to get over it.  It’s part of being natural.  I think I am more apt to try different styles now that I am over my hair phobia.

Constance did such a great job with my hair.  Her products are designed to make your hair softer and more moisturized with each use.  She also has developed her own straightening system and I look forward to her trying it on my hair.

|Flo Naturals Information:

|Constance Foster:
9165 Otis Ave. Ste. 270
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226
Fort Harrison area
(317) 840-2860

|Picture 5

|Product Info:
$15 per jar
Instagram @flonaturals

Two Strand Twist Out Results

Facebook Post:

I am loving my twist out results with #FloNaturals twisting creme! It is so soft, so moisturized and so bouncy. I only used one product, no gel. I sectioned my hair into 4 sections and put about 8-10 twists in each section. I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes, wore my twists for one day and pulled them apart today. I do not further separate my twists because it makes my hair frizzy and I like them just this. Thanks Constance! You totally rock. @flonaturals #naturalhair #organicproducts #twistingcreme Constance Foster

|Picture 6




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