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Sometimes I wonder how people would respond if Obama was in Trump’s predicament right now.

I mean seriously. Could you imagine how ridiculous people would act if Obama was under federal investigation for allegedly obstructing justice and colluding with the Russians? Not just any country, but Russia who has sanctions on them from the US and the UN.

Wasn’t this the same guy who trashed Hillary for being under investigation? Not only are you now under investigation, but it occurred while you were serving as the President of the United States. Where is all the flack for Trump that Hillary received? Although his approval rating has dropped to 48%, his supporters still choose to support him! Why?

I’m not even going to hate on Trump too much, but what bothers me most is that his supporters refuse to acknowledge the truth just like he does. Quite frankly, I don’t think the man has an ounce of truth in him, but that’s another story. It is no longer a question or opinion that Trump has racist ways, is not always truthful and makes bigoted, biased statements. He imposed travel bans on all Muslim countries except for the ones he conveniently conducted business with. He is adamant about removing immigrants as if he isn’t one himself. Americans have this idea that racism only exists if it’s whites against blacks in a fight of superiority. But unfortunately, that is not the only form of racism. Stereotyping all Muslims as being violent terrorists is racist (while never recognizing your own group as being equally violent terrorists in their home country).

I don’t need to count how many times Trump has blatantly lied. Healthcare still has not been reformed in his first 60 days and I’m certain he will make it much worse when his huddle of men are done deciding the fate of millions.

He claimed he was working on the Mexican border when the reality is that’s the same fence that Bush and Obama have dedicated funds to develop. Trump has done nothing with the Mexican border, but let him tell it, he came up with the entire idea! And most recently, he blatantly lied about Comey tapes knowing good and well no tapes existed.

I almost lost it when this man stated on national television that he wouldn’t want a poor person making financial decisions. Even if you felt that way, do you not have any tact at all in how you express yourself? He would have been better off stating that in his immature twitter rants. I may have shrugged it off then.

Trump is a shame and unfortunately he is the epitome of the ignorance, racism and hatred that America was built upon. And sadly, just like so many Americans fail to realize that, they fail to see Trump’s flaws. That is precisely what is wrong with this country. We turn a blind eye to things we don’t want to acknowledge and admit like the fact that a Black man was killed for legally having a license to carry while two white men killed police officers, took them on a high speed chase and lived to tell the story because you know, they weren’t a threat.

I lost a “friend” when talking about Trump and at first it bothered me, but then I was like oh well! They were upset that I called Trump racist since they support him. They claimed I was calling them racist as well. No, not at all. You have to take the good with the bad and not pretend that it’s all good. For example, I don’t think it was a great idea that Obama didn’t remove the people from the embassy in Benghazi. If someone asked me I would tell them no, I didn’t think that was a great decision. I wouldn’t pretend that it was the greatest thing ever and that innocent people didn’t lose their lives. And I still support Obama all the way! That’s the problem with Trump supporters. Not only do they refuse to accept that his decisions are ignorant, they make it seem as if they were the greatest political decisions ever! Like, how can you possibly support and defend Trump at this point, but I digress.

All I can say is Trump is not my President and Obama would never be in this type of situation no matter how many threats and hateful things were said about him. He was a man of class, integrity and honesty; something that Trump sorely lacks. The more I hear people support Trump, the more I realize how much America has not mentally advanced.



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