Queen B & Red Lobster: Should They Care?


Oh hail ye Beyoncé. I only have one comment to make about her new song Formation because I don’t want the Bey Hive attacking me. There are many other contradictions I could speak on, but I really don’t feel like arguing with people who would eat collard greens from her arm pits.

So I’ve read several articles about her reference to Red Lobster. Bey’s fearless followers are upset that Red Lobster took too long to respond to her and did not capitalize on the marketing advantage. I don’t understand how people didn’t comprehend why Red Lobster administrators did not take her remarks as something positive to market.

Queen B said, “When he f*ck me good I take his a** to Red Lobster, cause I slay.” Okay, seriously can the Bey Hive please explain how exactly Red Lobster was supposed to market this? Because clearly this is about sex with her husband and food. It’s not like she said, “When I wanna eat some good food I hit up that Red Lobster, cause I slay.” What restaurant besides those who target porn stars want to be known for after-sex-food? For those who don’t know, Red Lobster has a family friendly environment. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, would Team Bey be happy if Red Lobster created a new slogan? “Ladies if he gave you some good D, bring him on in and a quarter of your meal is for free!” Let’s be logical here, who exactly could they market this to? It’s arrogant and ignorant to think that a restaurant is supposed to bow down to her sexual innuendos about their restaurant. I’m pretty sure Red Lobster would prefer not to have this attention at all. The Bey Hive wasn’t satisfied with the “Cheddar Bey Biscuits,” which was actually cute and appropriate. What more do they want? We all know that the sheer mention of Red Lobster from Queen B will make her fans flock to the restaurant. That was enough marketing.

I had a friend argue that regardless, Red Lobster should have taken advantage of the marketing like Netflix did with, “Netflix and chill.” But to me, those are two totally different concepts. Chill can have a lot of different meanings to many people. Some people do just chill and relax while watching Netflix. And of course you have others who interpret it quite differently. But that’s just it, it’s not blatantly saying Netflix and have sex. That can be inferred and not explicitly stated so that’s why the slogan is catchy and clever. I’m pretty sure if people started tweeting, “Netflix and f*ck,” Netflix would not have been able to capitalize on the marketing opportunity.

At the end of the day, the Bey Hive is mad that Red Lobster did not bow down and worship her like they do as if she is an immortal God. Yes, Beyoncé is fierce. Yes, she is amazingly talented and entertaining. Yes, she is stunningly beautiful and a fashion diva. But no, she is not God and no one is entitled to praise her or respond to her. The sad thing is that Beyoncé isn’t the person who is upset that Red Lobster did not respond, her fans are! They are giving her bad press right now about this and so many other issues and don’t even know it. Just let Beyoncé keep making hit records and keep the political statements to artist who care to be leaders in our movement. And no this is not an ode to hate on Beyoncé. Not everyone is her biggest, diehard fan. But clearly she has enough to be one of the hottest female sensations and I give her major props for her accomplishments. But people need to have several seats about this Red Lobster bit.

By the way, I love how Word autocorrected Bey’s name with proper punctuation, lol! I guess you are the topic of conversation, Word.



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