The Celebration of Life

The passing of Nipsey Hussle hit me in such a powerful way.  I had just recently been introduced to his music through my husband who is a major fan.  I enjoyed his lyrics and music production, but too bad we can no longer listen to the messages he had in store for us.  However, I had no idea how beloved he was by his community and peers.  I felt so sad that he was not able to get this type of attention while he was still alive.

His funeral was held at the Staples Center.  I’m sure he would have loved to see so many people gather together to celebrate his life and music.  It does not appear that he has had such a large audience for his concerts.  But ironically, everyone gathered to celebrate his death.  Why not celebrate life when people can enjoy the love, attention, flowers, lit candles and wonderful memories while they are still alive?  We should take more time out of our living lives to tell people how much we adore them, respect them, love them and admire them.  These are great confidence boosters and help build long lasting-relationships.

Everyone wants to know that they are loved and accepted.  But we fail at telling each other how much we care.  We get too caught up in our busy lives and monotonous work that we don’t take time to visit our folks, care for the elderly and love on our loved ones.  I blame our 40-60+ hour work weeks for much of this, but honestly, there is no excuse as we all make time for what we want.

Maybe we don’t celebrate life because we don’t believe that death will come.  Or maybe we don’t value life until it is gone.  Some people are so quick to kill over a dispute, confrontation, disagreement or disappointment.  But none of that is worth anyone’s life.  I’m not sure when our people will recognize that life is precious.  You only get one life.

I have no idea how so many people and officers can just easily take one’s breath away.  It is so unfair and unjust.  They cannot possibly have any type of self-consciousness.  My heart goes out to all of those who have been murdered and taken away from this earth by the hands of evil lurkers.  Death brings about so much sorrow and pain.  It’s a shame we can’t avoid tearing families apart because we are so petty and have such a murderous mentality.  This country was built upon bloodshed and we continue to allow it to cause so much destruction and heartache.

I think we should create a Celebration of Life holiday outside of our individual birthdays.  This would allow all of us to come together and let each other know how much we mean to one another.  Hopefully it would be a day of non-violence and peace.  May harmony be with you all as you survive this life.



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