BFry Floetry

Rant for the Mentally Ill
October 8, 2018

What up autistic
What up manic depressive
What up bipolar
Are you being to expressive?

What up mood disorder
What up ADHD
What up borderline
Are you experiencing anxiety?

But we never say
How you doing cancer patient
You looking a lil’ bald today
Did you take your medication?
Cause I can tell you don’t look the same way

And we wouldn’t dare say
How you doing Down Syndrome
You looking a little retarded today
Did you take your medication?
Looks like you need it to get on your way

Or how about
Hey Mrs. Alzheimer’s
Oh wait you forgot who I am
Did you take your medication?
You need to find it when you can

So then why is it okay to say we are our illness
But they just have an illness
And we listen to their problems
But don’t understand the prejudicialness

We are not our illness
We are human beings too
And we would really appreciate
If your negative labels and connotations
Got thrown out the window right along with you.


March 28, 2018

I am so sorry
I can’t say it enough
I’m sorry your grandson
was too Black to be handcuffed

I’m sorry our officers
are White Supremacist f*cks
who hide behind metal badges
while murdering our families up

After watching that video
one truly would have thought
that he had really done something
to deserve to be shot on the spot

But no, they were just suspicious
so they killed him on sight
meanwhile Nikolas Cruz
can continue on living his life

Don’t tell me it wasn’t about race!
Don’t tell me he should be nice!
Because the last time I checked
they didn’t even think twice!!

He couldn’t run if he tried
the bullets rang out so fast
POW! POW! POW! POW! (x5)
with not one question being asked!

He didn’t deserve to die
but they aimed to kill
firing off 20 shots
like they were criminally ill
yelling out to him
as if him living was ever
part of their murderous will

My heart weeps for you
and I know sorry’s not enough
but just know that your heart
can lean on mine when it gets too tough

Seeing you cry
even made me tear up
Keep your head held up high
one day there’ll be justice for us

But until then my friend
I leave my words with you
I weep for Stephon Clark
and all the others who have died too

At the hands of our officers
who we pay to wear blue
but seem to be more interested in
making our Black men bleed through

I am so sorry
I am so sorry for you.

For my Mother
May 10, 2015

It’s funny how you don’t appreciate your parents
until you grow up and figure it out on your own
realize how expensive bills are
and pray they will let you move back home

It’s funny how you used to get mad at your parents
for not letting you play with Joe and Lou
until you see how poorly they grew up
and praise your parents for saving you

It’s funny how you used to hate your parents
when they would reprimand and punish you
force you to get good grades
and made you become a better you

It’s funny how you can neglect your parents
and think you’re too grown to visit
until all of your friends backstab you
and your parents are the only ones left to listen

It’s funny how you can disrespect your parents
until you grow up and see how people treat there’s
and decide to change your ways completely
and are blessed that your parents are always there

It’s funny how you don’t think you need your parents
until some crap hits the fan
and you don’t have anyone else to turn to
and your parents are your only number one plan

Well I’m thankful I have my Mother
who loves me unconditionally
buys all of my toiletries
and is always happy to see me

I’m thankful I have my mother
who is always there for me
listens to me even when she doesn’t want to
and opens her doors for me

I’m thankful I have my mother
that strong woman that she is
in hopes that I may one day be like
an awesome woman about my biz

I’m thankful to have a Mother
for so many have lost there own
may God bless their little souls
Mom, I love you more than you’ll ever know

So on this day I say I love my Mother
but she knows I love her every day
but today is a special day
so Happy Mother’s Day!

Being Black
March 30, 2015

Where do we go from here
when living in a world
that says if you’re Black
you’re okay to kill
How do we move forward
when society has decided
that being born Black
will forever keep you divided
Why is it well known
to have melanin in your skin
you should be treated as if
you are less than human
Why are American laws
not set up to protect us
as if we don’t pay our taxes
and deserve discrimination
Why are we still dealing
with the same issues as before
when they marched and got lynched
back in the year 1924
What will it take
for us all to reinstate
that even though we’re Black
we’re still part of this human race
Why does it seem
being Black above all things
is the worst someone can be
like our very existence is obscene
Why do we still believe
all the things they said
when they labeled us
and said we will never get ahead
When will we ever stop
picking on one another
and create our own identity
that unites us with each other
Maybe the day will come
when we’re all viewed as one
and appreciate our differences
and declare love has indeed won


March 26, 2015

Sometimes I get jealous
When I hear them talk
They seem so in love
So solid, like a rock
Any time something happens
They are the first to call
Eager to let them know
How their life has evolved
They are so close
So tightly knit
There is absolutely nothing
That could make them split
On the outside looking in
Everything seems perfect
From the way they plan
To how they stay connected
The smiles on their faces
Say so much more
It’s obvious they love each other
Right down to the core
They are always together
Enjoying each other’s space
They create family traditions
And have them at each other’s place
It makes one wonder
How they really do it
How they choose to put love
Above anything they’re doing
How they learn to forgive
And remember their bond
Family over everything
With no one ever left behind
It truly is amazing
To sit back and watch
The beautiful memories they create
From love they were taught


I’m a Writer not a Biter
February, 28, 2015

People who know me or have seen me throw em’ back, have witnessed me become Brittany with an ‘i.’  Sometimes I even embarrass myself, but that’s okay as long as I remain safe.  Sometimes I really don’t know how to explain things so it comes out in poem.

Never been a rapper no I never really have been
I do my best with that pencil, paper pad and pen
But there are times when I think that I can flow
But I need to think about my words before I go
Every once in a while I can spit some clever lines
But to go deep in my mind
I need a pen and more time
Then what you may find
Is a genius in disguise
Who write words in a dime
And create visions when I rhyme
I guess we all have our own vices
Mine happens to be liquid with cold ices
Every time I grab my glass and start to pour up
I turn into a rapper whose flows literally suck
I’m not sure how rap became my alter ego
But every time I take a sip, there – she – go
I get frustrated when my words won’t come
I’m amazed by rap battles and freestyle songs
But with all the crap that people put out today
I wish they would all stop and think about what they say
I don’t understand why people hate on writing
Some people can improvise while others need silence
“I’m a writer not a biter” said Jay-Z
And I’ma keep it that way because that’s what works for me.


August 14, 2011

They asked me how we can help our at-risk youth
Well first of all, let’s start off by telling them the truth
You live in a world where racism, classism and sexism exists
And you must learn to fight it without using your fists
Instead pick up a book and gain some knowledge from it
You will see that the truth will enlighten your spirit
Knowledge is power for several reasons
Please note it is this that will get you out your season
Hopelessness, despair, feelings of self-hate and poverty
Does not have to forever remain the end of your story
We all struggle and have to overcome these negative things
You must continue moving forward and persevering
The neighborhood you grew up in was not by your choice
Please note fighting and drugs will not uplift your voice
Instead it will give you an uncomfortable spot in jail
Until they find it fit for you to be free from your jail cell
You may not have the opportunities you need right now
But I promise if you educate yourself you will figure it out
I apologize that more of us are not true role models
And most of our celebrities are not good for you to follow
So look up to your leaders, pastors and community speakers
For they are here for you and they are good teachers
It’s okay for you to not like your current disposition
Allow this to fuel the fire of your powerful ambition
I hope my words impact your soul like my mother did me
Just know that I have the upmost love and compassion for all of thee.

Maybe It’s Me
June 17, 2011

Maybe it’s me
When things get lost
Spin out of control
And I no longer can see
Where it went wrong
Or what I said
That may have hurt
Someone else’s feelings
Maybe I’m too blunt
Or perhaps too honest
When expressing myself
Ever so vividly
Maybe I’m too sensitive
And I carry a shield
To protect myself from

whatever they may wield

So I come off as a bitch

But that’s not how it’s meant
I was just telling you like it is
But you took it differently
And for that I must say
That I really am sorry
But please understand
I will continue to work on Brittany

My Favorite Ghost
June 30, 2010

What do I want
To be loved and adored
I want to be loved
that’s all I ask for

I wanna be number one
in just one person’s life
tired of being second place
tired of always having to fight

Fighting for attention
fighting for love
Yes I do get it
but it’s never enough

Everybody has favorites
She has her son
he has my nephew
But I’ma favorite to no one

I wonder how it feels
to be their number one
the first person they care for
the person who has their heart won

As much as I require
I never seem to find it
just constantly told that
it can never be provided

I want too much attention
and I require too much affection
but let the truth be told
I just need security and protection

I need cla-r-ity
to be on the same page
to know that our care
is measured on the same gauge

I don’t want it to be
that I like you the most
and you like me too little
and I’m the one who is engrossed

Why can’t I have
someone who likes ME the most
where their love for ME
is longer than the beach coast

They say one day I’ll find
someone who likes me the most
hopefully its while I’m young
before I transform into a ghost

Ride or Die?
June 23, 2010

What do you do…
when you really like someone,
but you start to notice things
that you don’t like anymore?

When time spent together
seems more like a chore
and everything less
than what your partner enjoys.

When time keeps you apart
from each other every day
and seeing each other infrequently
for you is not okay.

How do you handle…
respecting your partner’s space
when it’s them you desire
to be under constant embrace?

What do you do…
when your partner is miserable
not necessarily with you,
but with life in general?

You long for their happiness
you long for their serenity,
but nothing seems to do that
their life just isn’t fulfilling.

What do you do…
when you want to be shown affection,
but they lack being affectionate
and you hate having to ask for it?

What happens when …
all of a sudden it seems
you don’t have anything in common
not your hopes, plans or dreams?

Do you ride it out…
ride it til the end?
Or do you end it now
and go through life without them?

Because it seems my friends
when it comes to relationships
you trade one problem in for another
and take the good and the bad from it.

What if you decide…
you can’t live without them,
accept they have flaws
and forgive em’ for all of them.

Will you regret your decision
later on down the road,
when you have an unhappy marriage
and realize ya’ll can’t grow?

Or will you be happy…
and satisfied with your plan
see that patience blossomed
your relationships’ circumstance.

When you realize you have
a diamond in the rough
someone who is unique
just not yet polished enough…
do you accept what you have
love it and let it grow,
or do you realize that perhaps
you and them will never work?

I’m Known to be a Sucker for Love
June 15, 2010

I’m known to be a sucker for love
Being in relationships is my choice of street drugs
I enjoy the element of being completely monogamous
Keeps me away from predators, the strong and dangerous
Always wearing my heart on my left sleeve
Should wrap it up since everybody scars it and makes it bleed
From now on I’ma protect it from being deceived
By cutting off its air supply so it can die and not breathe
I don’t want it to pump at the first thought of chance
By thinking men could be interested in more than just romance
But unfortunately that will never seem to cease
While I continue to keep dating the same ol deadbeats
I never put enough time in between
Back to back relationships I been in since age eighteen
But now it’s time for me to see
Life without men while I get my Psych degree
Been saying the same shit for a coupla years
Been too afraid to stand alone and conquer my own fears
But now I’ve decided this will be my year to be on my own
and wipe away my own tears.

Fuck It
November 28, 2008

Of course things could be worse
Things can always be worse
But isn’t it sad when you have to think about the absolute bad
To realize that maybe your life isn’t cursed?

Can you imagine when you look at a handful of problems
Got issues in every aspect, but you don’t know how to resolve em?
But you still manage to move on with your life
And before you know it you’re plagued with more strife?

People wonder why you walk with a chip on your shoulder
People wonder why you’re a pessimistic disorder
People wonder why you don’t smile as much as you used to
People just don’t understand all the shit that you’re going through.

You try not to let things get you down
You try not to walk around with a cruel frown
But what are you to do when shit keeps hitting the fan
And you’ve run out of options and you don’t have a master plan?

Ha, let’s not say you didn’t have a master plan
Let’s just say that shit never goes according to plan
You got your plan A, B, C all the way up to G
But none of that shit works and now you’re left feeling empty.

I know you’re sitting there reading this
Wanting to tell me that nothing ever goes the way it should
But doesn’t it seem like some things just could
If for once things would come through for good?

It’s not like you can go through life without a plan
Without a guide to be like life’s diagram
But it’s hard to conquer when everything seems to fail
And you’re left being the victim with no safe haven to bail.

Every time you’re faced with so much negativity
You sit back and try to think more positively
But that type of thinking doesn’t seem to work
No matter what, your life is still being drug through the dirt!

Not only do my finances resemble that of a recession
My life keeps trying to mimic the scenes from the Great Depression
So don’t think I’m crazy when I start feeling hopeless
Just tired of living my life wishing and hoping…

Truth be told I always do find a way
But lately that way seems too, too far away
I dare any of you to walk a mile in my shoes
Be interesting to see where you stopped to tie your own noose.

Looks can be deceiving, but I’ve been through a lot
And those closest to me know that I’m right
I’m kind of like superwoman, very strong indeed
But even a superhero gets wounded and bleeds.

So next time you see me and I appear to be a little down
Just think to yourself, “Damn! I wonder what’s going on now?!”
Because I’m not the type to sit and cry over spoiled milk
The problems that occur in my life are like some heavyhitter type shit.

Perhaps Karma is just that bitch
Trying to wreak havoc on an extraordinary BiTcH
Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong to deserve this
Shit, I guess I’ll figure it out while I suffer through this bullshit…

Vivid Memories
August 3, 2008

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When all my burdens seem to disappear
And the only thing that reminds me of them
Is the scars that tell me it was real

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When my conscience can roam freely
And not be consumed by bitter thoughts
And the knives in my mind that cut so deeply

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
Where everything that happened isn’t a replay
As if the events are a favorite movie
That my mind is determined to watch everyday

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
Where I don’t feel so much sorrow and pain
When I can relax and realize everything’s gonna be okay
And happiness doesn’t feel impossible to obtain

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When I’m not suppressed by my own guilt and shame
And I can first learn to forgive myself
And remember that I am still good and the same

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
Where I am constantly recollecting
And playing out the roles that I wish I didn’t play
And let joy be more resurrecting

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
And I focused on myself as much as I did this
When I make myself a number one priority
And start treating others and this as if they didn’t exist

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When I can finally put my mind to rest
Stop being my own worst enemy
And realize that from here I can only try my best

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When I’m not held hostage by unpleasant memories
That refuses to let me breathe easy
And never back off and give me sympathy

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When my past doesn’t seem like my present
And I can finally let go of the ghost that haunts me
And I am able to move on and put things back into perspective

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When I can stop feeling worthless and be consumed by me
Move on with my life and be successful
And remember that my past doesn’t determine how I’ll be

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
Where I learn from my mistakes and remember
That I too am human
And that no matter what I have to forgive and keep living

But until I stop living in a past full of regrets
That only make me sad and extremely depressed
That make me look at myself with much detest…

I’ll be happy when everything’s not so vivid
When all my burdens seem to disappear
And the only thing that reminds me of them
Is the scars that tell me it was real

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