Baby Steps


My philosophy is if you really want to change something, you will. It’s that plain and simple. So if you find yourself constantly complaining about your own life, just remember that you have the power to change it.

Perhaps it’s your weight, diet, attitude, career, level of education, relationship status, whatever. If you don’t like it, you can change it. And if you don’t change it, then stop complaining about it because it obviously doesn’t bother you enough to fix it.

With that being said, I often think about how great our lives would be if we actually did everything we were supposed to do. We would borderline be perfect! I guess all of has some small level of insanity because we keep doing the same thing every day and wonder why we are still in the same situation.

The good news is all it takes is a little effort and discipline. That’s it. We can move mountains in our lives with those two ingredients. You can’t expect to change overnight, but you can make progress. Life isn’t about how many times you failed, but what you did after experiencing failure. If we focused on improving a quality of our lives on a daily basis, all of us would live in the midst of progression.

Start today without the expectation of succeeding at 100%. Take baby steps to reach your goals. If you want to get in shape, start walking. Just set aside thirty minutes and meditate and walk. Perhaps you may find yourself ready to waltz inside a gym. And then you’re ready to truly start your fitness journey. If your issue is your weight, just think you’re not going to lose any of it by keeping the habits you have right now. In a year you can look slimmer or the same, the choice is yours.

Perhaps you are addicted to food like me and want to control your intake. Remember moderation is key. Drink more water to help you feel fuller. Use smaller plates to control your portions. Make sure every meal has a lean protein and green vegetable. Eliminate soda and sugar. Most importantly, change your mentality about food. When it comes to staying in shape you have to eat for satiation and not pleasure.

Maybe you’re like me and suffer from having a nasty temper. Breathe. We must learn to breathe and evaluate the importance of the situation. Is it really worth me losing my cool and having a temper tantrum like a toddler? Will I even care about this tomorrow? Can I say what I mean without cursing someone clean out? Do I have to speak in an attitudinal tone with everyone because I’m in a bad mood? Can I give myself a moment to cool down and deal with it later? Of course all of this is easier said than done (trust me), but it makes you feel so damn good when you handle difficult situations like a boss. Plus, you never know what someone else is going through on the other end. I can be at AT&T about to snap because my phone won’t take a charge, while my sales rep may have just lost their mother. Kindness takes us so much further in life.

Or perhaps you want to enhance your lifestyle. Reevaluate your goals. Recognize what realistic and logical steps you can take to reach them. Do you need to further your education or simply become certified? Is there a new career path that will put you closer to your end result? Perhaps you can catch some local seminars and start networking. Do something. Don’t just sit there feeling defeated, start working towards whatever your heart desires.

The same goes for relationships. They take love and support. If you long to be closer with someone and to mend a broken relationship, talk to them. Support their efforts. Show up. Be engaged. Relationships are built upon loyalty and care.

I think in the midst of our chaotic lives, we must always remember that we have the power of choice. We can be the catalyst in our own lives. We can change whatever our hearts desire. So as you go about your day, just think of something you have complete control over that you want to change and just start today. Don’t hesitate. Put that coke down, blow out that cigarette, put that second helping back and bite your tongue. Just start. I’m motivated to start changing my life because I want more. Living in peace and learning to maintain happiness empowers you to conquer your goals. Whatever is making you lose peace, change it.

Let’s all start today. Let’s all improve something. Let’s make a difference in our lives. Because if we take care of ourselves, we can better care for our loved ones.

Stay focused.



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