About Me

I’m a unique little woman with a life story that too many people can actually relate to. I grew up most of my life in Guardian homes and the foster care system. That all turned around when I was later adopted. I don’t want sympathy from my past because I met so many people who were just like me and went through way worse. It takes a very strong individual to persevere from a childhood of hard knocks and pain, but it can be done; I am living proof. This is really why I write, I write for you.

I love to blog, write poetry, listen to music and enjoy my friends and family. In my spare time, Kanye is playing in the background and I am either writing or trying to read a book. I absolutely love music. It has helped me get over everything in my life. I mean, there is a song for every moment and I am thankful I found my songs of peace. I played trumpet for about seven years and that’s where my love of music first started in classical and jazz theory classes. I was also in marching band, symphonic band, pep band and jazz band.

I hold a Psychology degree and have always excelled in writing. I will never forget getting an A+ on a 20-page paper for my high school senior class that I started the night before. I guess it’s fair to say I’m a procrastinator as well. You should have seen how long it took me to write a bio for myself. But anyway, I love writing and was almost accused of plagiarism when I wrote a paper over how to read music. I always took high level English courses, Latin, etymology and mythology courses to enhance my knowledge. My degree taught me how to research and I try my best to research and add credibility to my blogs. I think it is important to separate subjective opinions from objective evidence. I don’t write just to add another page to the net, I blog so that I can add a thin ribbon of truths that most people don’t want to hear, especially my own people.

I now understand that God blessed me with my talents and I don’t believe that He meant for us to only enjoy our talents; I believe that were meant to be shared with the world. So here I am sharing my talents with you and I hope you gain something from it. If there is ever a topic you want me to blog about, please do shoot me an e-mail. My contact info is listed below.

Please, enjoy my blog. Thank you for taking a moment to check out bfryspeaks. Much appreciated.