Stop Oversexualizing Women and Children


I get so annoyed with how sexist our nation is. I have read two articles this week about the oversexualizing of women’s clothing. One article was about a school note calling girls thots for wearing “revealing” clothing and stating they are distractions to boy’s learning environments. And the second was about a picture Jessica Simpson posted of her 5 year old daughter wearing a bikini. I’m just like seriously, why is this even an issue?

The fact that someone thinks it’s even an arguable statement to say that women’s clothing distracts men from learning is the reason why our horrid rape culture exists. Why is it the woman’s fault that a man cannot contain himself? Why are women constantly put to shame because they like to dress their body the way they want to and have to worry about the entire nation making them feel like a thot? It seriously annoys me. When will people realize that not putting the responsibility on men to control themselves, their eyes, their hands and their penile shafts, endangers the livelihood of women. This is like blaming a busy billboard ad for your accident. Or blaming Donald Trump for your own racist views.
Yes, as insane as that sounds, it sounds even more ridiculous in this sexist battle.

When I read the comments about Jessica’s daughter, I just could not believe it. Someone went as far to say she needed to protect her daughter so that she doesn’t become the next JonBenét Ramsey. Are you kidding me! What exactly are you trying to suggest here? That JonBenét was kidnapped and murdered because she was too pretty and provocative? It was all her fault right? It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that America allows men to prey upon women and in most cases, get away with it. Sickening. What upsets me the most is why is a 5 year old’s body even considered sexy? Like, this should not be a normal perception for anyone who is not a pedophile. I’m sorry, but as cute as she was in her little ruffled bikini, there was absolutely nothing sexy about it. Why do we constantly preach to women that they are what they wear and if they aren’t careful, rape and murder are acceptable consequences?

We seriously need to stop this madness. No woman deserves to be chastised by the way she dresses. I don’t care if her style of dress stems from an insecurity or sexual addiction; it’s her mneffin prerogative! Meanwhile, men who want to be women can dress as scantily clad as they want to and no one says a word. Even I have been subjected to this torment because I happen to like my size D boobs and thunder thighs that I show off in short-shorts. No, I don’t feel bad about the way I dress nor am I asking to be raped. I just like me and feel I can wear whatever the hell I want to! And of course, sometimes I do it just to flaunt it, because why, because I can!!! Just like men who wear tight muscle shirts and skinny jeans that outline their scrotum sacs. If you don’t understand why I like to show my pretty heart-shaped cleavage line, just think it’s the same reason that a man wants us to see the outline of his nipples in a tank top. And for those ladies who prefer to dress like Mother Theresa or the next FLOTUS, more power to you. But stop acting like you’re better than the next woman because you’re not helping the situation either.

So men, just admit that the female body is insanely beautiful and you can’t possibly help yourselves and then do us all a favor and fix your sick, twisted outlook on female bodies and the clothes we decide to wear. It’s not our fault that we’re beautiful. But it is your fault that you’re a pervert.

That is all.



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