Drugs and Prostitution

drug abuse

Sometimes I question the true motives behind our government targeting drug dealers and prostitutes.

I wish they would be honest and admit the only reason why they care what those people do is because they collect profits that the government cannot tax and capitalize on. That is all. The government wants us to believe they are protecting us from ourselves per our constitution, but I don’t know too many people who have been healed from those “conditions” unless jail is synonymous with healthcare.

I have no idea why the government cares that someone decides to sell their bodies for sex. If I decide to strip and become a paid escort, you’re fine with me selling my body because the IRS can generate my W-2 each year, but if I decide to sell my body for myself I’m going to jail?

I don’t write blogs like this because I want to start selling myself on the next street corner; I write blogs like this because I think it’s stupid that someone can go to jail for charging someone $10 to have sex with them. That’s just dumb.

If the government really wants to protect people from themselves then why do they allow people to smoke themselves to cancer and drink themselves to liver disease? Why haven’t they figured out a better healthcare system and treat addictions instead of jailing them? A better question to ask is why does the government poison our food with pesticides and chemicals knowing they cause cancer and other health problems? Oh I forgot, they profit from those taxes the same way they are currently capitalizing from legal marijuana. When we destroy our own bodies to make money it’s a problem, but when they profit from it they give us the go ahead to self-destruct. I’m just not a fan of hypocrisy.

I personally believe drug use and prostitution would decrease significantly if we decriminalized them. Drugs and sex seem so fascinating to children and young adults because they view it as something they should not do so naturally they are more inclined to participate in those activities. It’s basic psychology; we want what we can’t have. So let’s take that factor away and give them a choice. I guarantee after they witnessed what it looked like to be strung out on drugs and homeless, they probably would steer clear of heavy hitter drugs. Those who still want to experiment obviously want to do it so let them.  If people want help, the government should step in then and only then.

The crazy thing to me is that we punish drug dealers more heavily than the drug abusers! I’m pretty sure this is because the drug dealers generate revenue and not the junkies, go figure. Nine times out of ten the dealer did not force them to do drugs; the abuser sought out a dealer who risks their freedom to provide their services. Some drug dealers are manipulative and lace drugs to get people strung out, but again it’s that abusers choice to try them! I don’t care how fragile your mental state is unless you are mentally incapable of thinking on your own, people should be held accountable for their own actions. Mind over matter.

We have to understand that there are two types of people in this world. Those who disregard their reward because they fear the consequences and those who don’t care about consequences because they value the reward. It’s a choice that people make. We remember those visits to school when they showed us the effects of crack cocaine. We know what happens when we have unprotected sex. No excuses. You either accept those risks or you say that’s just not for me. I’m all about letting people do what makes them happy. You having sex and doing drugs with strangers is not a concern of mine and it should not be a concern of our government.  What you eat don’t make me… you know how the saying goes.



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