The Corruption of the Foster Care Industry


I’m convinced that children in foster care become state funded experiments to pharmaceutical companies. It’s amazing how many drugs are given to young children to correct their behavior after separation from a parent. I feel like I just participated in the biggest experiment scam of them all.

By the time I was 15, I had taken strong antipsychotics such as Celexa, Wellbutrin and Prozac. I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 10. Everyone assumes that children will automatically inherit disorders from their parents without thinking about trauma. Trauma brings out the triggers in mental illnesses, not genes. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped.

So my whole life I have thought I was bipolar and therefore behaved in a bipolar manner especially when something triggered my past. It’s like if everyone you met called you ugly, you would began to behave like someone who is not happy with themselves.

I just had a doctor tell me I was probably too young to be diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 10 and more than likely it was a misdiagnosis because no one can determine if my behavior stemmed from trauma or an actual disorder. Do you know how devastating that is to hear now at age 31 after already waltzing through my entire life thinking I was crazy and something was wrong with me? Now after believing something was wrong with me for 20 years they assume that now I do actually have a problem as an adult, go figure.

Even if people have mental illnesses, medicine alone should not be the cure. And young children shouldn’t be doped up like little zombies because their parents left them. People need a combination of therapy as talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy helps all mental illnesses. But I’m with a program now that only believes in medication and that is not my style of choice. I will be switching my services very soon.

I feel so sorry for all of those kids being brainwashed by the system at young ages who are practically told it’s their fault their parents can’t take care of them since they are the one’s who need medication now. Why is the removed child so heavily medicated after losing a parent which is a very traumatic event? Why can’t they just go to counseling to correct their behaviors? And then if that doesn’t work, introduce low dosages of medicines for control. It should not be a huge surprise that a child acts out after being separated from their parents.

I was separated at the age of eight and it completely altered my feelings and the way I processed things. It’s no wonder why I became depressed. Stop blaming these kids for their parent’s mistakes. I honestly don’t have respect for people who make a living removing children from homes and placing them in foster homes which can ultimately make the situation worse. If the biological family can’t afford to pay for their child then pay them the money you pay foster parents to take care of said child! It should be our interest to keep families together and not apart as I am a living, walking testimony of how detrimental separation is.

Here I am at age 31 still longing for that family bond I felt 23 years ago. Thank God I was able to reach out and find them now. They may not have been able to take care of me then, but I don’t need anyone to take care of me now; I just need love from my family and understand my roots and myself. Mending with my biological family taught me more about myself than medication and therapy has ever taught me.

And I understand that not every parent who lays down and has a child is fit to be a parent, but we need to help them. If we can pay foster parents and train them how to be parents, then we can direct this same attention to parents who need the coaching and financial assistance too.

But no, America is interested in destroying families and erasing the need for fathers from low income families. They allow the state to become their father which is not a good thing except when they pay for college tuition because you are a ward of the state. That was my reward for being an experiment in the foster care system for 10 years. Instead help those biological families pay for college and get funding so they can stay together.

I really hope that people recognize that foster care is modern day slavery and malpractice on young children. Most of them are brainwashed and told that their parents don’t want them or if they did they would be back home with them. Meanwhile that child has no idea how many fiery hoops their parents have to jump through in order to get them back. And if they live in poverty they can kiss the thought of being reunited good bye.

I personally believe they use foster kids as experiments for the pharmaceutical industry. Get them hooked on antipsychotic medications and put them on Medicaid so they have access for the rest of their life and they win. Helping contribute millions of dollars into the $53 billion dollar drug industry that is more than corrupt.

If you can’t be a parent, please stop and think about it before you have a child. You can literally scar them for life. My psychology classmates used to think I was so inhumane when I said people need a license to birth. There are simply too many children up for foster care and adoption like pets and animals. It is a sad system and it needs to be changed. I am sick to my stomach about what happened to me. But by the grace of God, I managed to escape without too many scars and now I must fight for those who don’t have a voice.



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