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As a psychology major I have studied transgenders and gender identity disorders. I just read WebMD and although it is probably not the most credible source of information, I did find it informative. Being transgender is synonymous with gender dysphoria. However, it should be noted that gender dysphoria is not a mental disorder and is instead discomfort related to one’s strong desire to be and look like the opposite sex of their biological genitals to an extreme that it creates distress, depression and anxiety. I’m just going to leave that right there.

I used to go ham on forums about homosexuality (although it should be noted that transgender is not homosexuality). Some things I said were rather harsh and rude and I apologize for those statements because at the end of the day we are all humans and far from perfect. Other things were quite valid, but were denied simply because I did not agree with the status quo. As we all know, if you don’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle, then you are a hater, bigot and ahole. I used to bring Christianity into my debates, but that only created a hostile environment full of hatred, judgment and holier than though responses and I am not God to judge so I speak purely from a biological standpoint.

More and more as I began to think about what bothered me regarding the above mentioned lifestyles, the more I realized it wasn’t the lifestyle at all and rather the behavior and privilege associated with each. I read an article by a physiologist that suggested the only thing that separates homosexuals from heterosexuals is behavior. He mentioned that we all still eat, sleep, date, have sex and socialize in the same manners. The only difference is how we behave when we perform those activities. I am not a doctor and my opinion is quite mute to others, but I for the life of me cannot understand how someone’s sexual orientation dictates how they behave and dress unless they truly do suffer from gender dysphoria. But even then, most people who morph into the opposite sex then start dating the opposite sex prior to the shift. I don’t understand how that’s not homosexuality, but I guess it’s not because they are now the other sex…sigh.

This physiologist also mentioned that their orientations were nothing more than a different way of living or a lifestyle. Regardless if these orientations were genetic or influenced by their environments, how they live is a lifestyle choice. People with down syndrome have to live a different lifestyle than someone who does not have the extra chromosomes. People born with chronic depression have to live a different lifestyle than people who do not suffer from depression. People who were sexually abused and are now pedophiles have to live a different lifestyle than others who were not victims. People who grew up on farms and hunted have a different lifestyle. People in poverty have a different lifestyle than those who are not impoverished. People who prefer their naturally nude bodies live a different lifestyle than the clothed. So, what makes the lifestyles of the LGBT community more prominent than anyone else’s lifestyle choices? This is where the idea of privilege comes into play. I watched a poetry skit performed by three young ladies regarding current social events. They mentioned that it’s odd how a girl can get written up for wearing revealing clothes, but not a boy who dresses like a girl. This is my problem. People are able to violate rules other people have to adhere to. Black people and minorities in general suffer from all the racism in the world yet none of them are treated with privilege. In fact, laws were mandated for racial discrimination and harsh immigration laws are still in effect. In my opinion, being ghetto is a lifestyle because there is scientific evidence that their lowered IQ came from their impoverished environments and their quest for mediocrity was a result of their poor upbringing. We don’t sympathize with these people and tell others to stop talking about them and provide them with relief, counseling and medication; instead we yell at them for being on welfare and tell them they need to figure it out. We just recently witnessed just how privileged the LGBT community is when companies threatened to leave the state of Indiana because of discrimination, but I have never in all my years ever seen companies band together and threaten to leave because of racial discrimination.

While reading my Yahoo e-mail yesterday, a story about breastfeeding peeped my interest. Basically, long story short, a woman was hovered in the corner of a restaurant breastfeeding her child when a man took a picture of her, posted it online and asked if it was appropriate. She responded and he later apologized. Here’s my thing. You mean to tell me that we want to criminalize and humiliate women for publically breastfeeding their hungry, innocent child in the most natural manner possible yet expect people to be okay with a man turning into a woman? I’m shocked by how many people disagree with public breastfeeding and suggest they need to use a private room or do it in their car. But you know what’s funny? I guarantee we will see a third restroom for the LGBT community long before we ever see a private breastfeeding room for nursing women.

So you see, I personally couldn’t care less what people did or who they screwed; I care about the blatant hypocrisy and privilege that is associated with it all. Women can’t be women anymore because an LGBT man is more woman than she could ever be and has a better sense of style because of their lifestyle. Who are they mimicking anyway? I have never in my life met a woman who behaves like those portrayed in the LGBT community. That part is annoying, the behavior, not the person, please don’t get it misconstrued.

Lastly, I swear I tried to keep this short since I am chronically chastised about my long posts… What we are seeing today is a direct correlation of the world moving away from gender roles. I’m okay with gender roles because like laws they create order and clear understandings. And yes, those roles were created by society to determine normalcy, but things change as well. Just a few decades ago it was illegal for women to show their belly buttons and well, clearly, our society adapted to that and purple mohawks. Personally, I feel parents today are so deathly afraid that their children won’t be friends with them, they allow them to do whatever even if that means little boys are wearing tutus and playing with Mommy’s makeup and high heels at the age of two. And I don’t care what anyone says, but the lack of the family unit in America is a major culprit in what we see today. Kids have no idea how men and women should interact in the home anymore because only a Mommy or a Daddy raises them. We all go through a gender identity crisis at an early age when we learn that little boys do this and little girls do that. It’s only when it is not reprimanded that it gets out of hand. More and more I believe being part of the LGBT community is a fad and style for young kids today just like wanting to be in a gang was the fad and style when I was growing up. I think it’s a disgrace to those who truly do just have a different sexual orientation than what society suggests without the added shenanigans. But today, we live in a society of self-gratification and personal truths so everything we do is simply for us. We couldn’t care less how we affected anyone else. The other thing I will leave you with is I think it’s completely messed up for a transgendered person to date a straight person (according to biology) without first letting them know. Even if that person did fall in love, they deserve to know because it could be a deal-breaker. No different than a woman falling in love with a man and later finding out he’s a murderer or a cheater or outside of her religion. Allow people to have that option. I honestly feel sorry for Kris, but no one cares about how she feels because Bruce’s, I mean Caitlyn’s, feelings are more important, of course.

For those who can’t take this for what it is and need to argue, let me make it be known that I think the LGBT community should have the same rights as everyone else. Quite frankly, I’ll be happy when they do so we can focus on the rest of the world. They should not be subjected to ridicule or hated because that is not humane and it’s evil and wrong. I also do not feel that judgment should be passed because as I mentioned, none of us are perfect. But I now understand why my mother’s generation felt sorry for my generation and constantly said, “May God Bless ya’lls souls” because I now feel the same way about the next generation. I won’t be surprised when people can buy incubators and make children from stem cells to accommodate births for the LGBT community. One day diseases and the idea of ugly won’t exist because people will be able to program their children; we already mapped the human genome back in 2007. One day we won’t need to learn at all because we will download knowledge. Kids in the next few centuries will be like student loans what?! I paid a hundred bucks for that microchip! So calm down all of you gender role haters, it will no longer matter whether our chromosomes followed the Mullerian or Wolffian path; I’m sure technology will find an easier way for you to transform and reproduce way before we find a cure for AIDs and Cancer. Good luck to you Caitlyn! I hope your distress, anxiety and depression no longer affects you. To the rest of the world who are suffering from the same issues as the LGBT community, hopefully you can make enough money to fix them all and have enough fame to gain support. *** never loved us, worst behavior – Drake.




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