I get so annoyed with how sexist our nation is. I have read two articles this week about the oversexualizing of women’s clothing. One article was about a school note calling girls thots for wearing “revealing” clothing and stating they are distractions to boy’s learning environments. And the second was about a picture Jessica Simpson posted of her 5 year old daughter wearing a bikini. I’m just like seriously, why is this even an issue? The fact that someone thinks it’s even an arguable statement to say that women’s clothing

The Adopted Child


I think everyone has this fairytale view of adoption. A child is abandoned or neglected by their biological parents and the adopted parents are the saviors of that child. Although many times those adopted parents are the saving grace for that child, it’s not always as pretty of a picture for the adopted child as society would lead us to believe. Depending upon the age the child was adopted can dictate how well they take their adoption. Some children who were adopted at birth never question their birth parents or

I’m convinced that children in foster care become state funded experiments to pharmaceutical companies. It’s amazing how many drugs are given to young children to correct their behavior after separation from a parent. I feel like I just participated in the biggest experiment scam of them all. By the time I was 15, I had taken strong antipsychotics such as Celexa, Wellbutrin and Prozac. I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 10. Everyone assumes that children will automatically inherit disorders from their parents without thinking about trauma. Trauma

I am 44% Nigerian


The next time someone asks me what I’m mixed with by the looks of my hair and skin, I’m going to tell them I’m 74% African and 21% European.  My Negus, I made it.  To be quite frank, I’m 44% Nigerian. I just received my DNA results.  After my high school and facebook acquaintance posted her results, I knew it was time to order my DNA kit.  It was quite easy to do too.  You order it, provide a saliva sample, ship it and wait for your results to be

Okay, seriously. Why are we always so shocked when a man disrespects a woman, right here in America, the land of the immoral and the home of the free? Women are not respected as equal human beings to men – period. Just say it. Stop trying to justify it and make excuses, it is what it is and how it’s always been. The woman has always been considered a side piece or a half a rib, half human, weak and subpar compared to men. We are not whole until man

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